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Tonight · 11:24pm Jan 6th, 2021

Oh boy...

If we weren’t fucked before we’re fucked now.
Trump supporters, it seems, have stormed the Capital building. We are possibly seeing a miniature revolution, and while I maybe a republican that is quite disturbing to see.

I hate the fact that Joe “I sniff little kids” Biden is going to be president, and I also hate that Kamala “Slave Labor” Harris is going to be VP, but I swallowed my pride and began to prepare for the worst brunt of it. Now though?

...I don’t know what to do. I’m not scared for myself, but rather my family. I’d be broken if anything happened to them...

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Comments ( 15 )

This is an example of going too far.

iakovl #2 · Jan 6th, 2021 · · 8 ·

"may you live in interesting times" works fine as we enter 2020 season 2 by the looks of it.
i won't deny I'm an anti-trump, less pro-biden. but after what happened today, this is not being anti, Trump lost and he plans to burns the house down while leaving it... this is not going well for the US

It’s not even that. He’s said that violence isn’t the way.
He wanted to fight tooth and nail to keep it, but would eventually give it up, but... this is not what he thought was gonna happen

Wydril #4 · Jan 6th, 2021 · · 2 ·

We're all definitely fucked now, everyone and every one on every side of the aisle. Regardless of the truth, people will use the actual event of people pushing past police into the building and spin it as justification for more restrictions, more surveillance, and more rights taken away.

actually, Trump came out on Twitter condemning this and telling them to go home. he wanted protests, but not a full-blown riot turned revolution.

iakovl #6 · Jan 7th, 2021 · · 4 ·

I'm sorry what? Trump didn't know it's going to happen? he planed the fire, poured the fuel, and lit the match
it took him hours to say violence is not the way... oh yes, such a sincere gesture

in fighting to prevent a communist state of massive surveillance, restrictions, and hardships, the protestors accidentally gave a reason for there to be a communist state with massive surveillance, restrictions, and hardships

iakovl #8 · Jan 7th, 2021 · · 1 ·

when did he do it, as in how long since they started and he said or did nothing

Wydril #9 · Jan 7th, 2021 · · 1 ·

Exactly. The thing is, that's not a secret, and I don't think it was done accidentally. People drove from all across the country to go to that rally. The whole thing is recorded; no speakers said, "Let's storm the Capitol!", Trump didn't say it, nobody else said it. The rally was going on peacefully with an estimated 100k to 200k in attendance, and then all of a sudden a group of about 60 to 80 people are "storming" the Capitol Building. Why? They went in without weapons, without an objective, and without a plan (that would benefit them or Trump, at least). Why?

I'm calling it now. The people at the rally were angry at the situation, some bad actors initiated the 'attack' on the Capitol, and part of the crowd behaved as a crowd does and followed along, assuming someone was leading and knew something they didn't. It's the only explanation that fits with all the different pieces of evidence and statements being made. Who ever heard of a "coup" with no leader and no one to instate him?

See, that’s where you’re taking it out of context.
He wanted people to show up, to show support. He didn’t expect them to turn feral, he didn’t light anything or provide fuel. He just wanted support from his follower base.

Exactly... it was just madness

I hope your family will stay safe, SCP.

I starting to think getting nuked wouldn’t be so bad

If he keeps inciting them again and again, he should not be surprised when things like this happen, no matter if he says they should be peaceful. When you tell people your opponents are in conspiracy to steal the election from you, that gets people pretty darn inflamed. he kept adding fuel to the fire, and this time it burned out of control.

Some burning questions I wanna here an answer too from his base.

Who called in the national guard? Who was the first to call out the violence?

Regardless of what he said, why did it take so long and why wasn’t he the first to make an action? This isn’t something you take time to address.

And it seems like “he didn’t want to go this far” is contradictory to saying “he think they are special and he loves them”

One of them got murdered because of it. They all though it was fun and games while it cost them a life. Posting selfies in offices and ransacking desks while one of there own was fighting for her life from a bullet wound to the neck. Why does it feel like I care more about her death then the so called trump supporters?

Also on another note, as I want to some to see it, I’m now a part of the block gang from Titty. Yay! And of course not two days ago they bring up Aryanne and censorship again (who is still not censored on Depri) while absolutely enforcing there own damn censorship on a so called “neutral blog”. Actions speak louder then words and it seems censorship was never the actual issue. It as actually because it involved Nazi’s.

What a absolute waste of time all my comments on those blogs where. I gained nothing and everyone is only further down the pipeline then where we started.

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