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An Amateur Writer's Guide at Surviving the Apocalypse · 7:16pm Feb 5th, 2021

Just as the title says, we're going to be going over the essentials of surviving the Apocalypse. The kind of apocalypse doesn't matter, what matters is that you're going to survive in the first couple of days, considering of course, that whatever horror doesn't get to you first.

First and foremost, you're going to need a large backpack, maybe even a medium to large sized duffle bag. This item is incredibly obvious, but you'd be surprised by all the doomsday preppers who don't have one or several. Alternatively, if you're in the city, you can just go to the nearest supermarket and use one of the shopping carts, although, that's only if you know for a fact that it's just you. Someone rolling around with a cart is gonna attract a lot of attention, and if it was zombies you'd be better off with the previous backpack/duffle bag. This kind of bag you can get straight from Wal-Mart for 35 to 36 USD

Next on the list is the every day, bargain bin, some people seem to like them, canned goods. Foods like carrots, peas, pineapples, peaches, corn, etc are always found in cans or some other sort of air sealed container. Get a fire going and you can even cook some of them. Since we're on the note of cooking, water is also very important. Boiling water from a river or lake is always a sure fire to clean it, but if you can create a filter for it, then that's even better. Washing yourself, while healthy, will be somewhat low on your list. You can manage a few weeks, say 2 or 3 without bathing, but just make sure to bath every so often, lest you develop sores or other pustules of that nature.

Antibiotics, medicines, and other helpful drugs are very much needed. Anyone can do an amateur bang up job (personal experience, two boards duct taped around my leg after a nasty fall) but having medical knowledge helps as well. If someone in your little group of survivors has medical training all the better, but that training is useless without something to work with. Having first aid kits, doctors kits, and other medicinal supplies will make the broken arm or leg feel that much better in the long run.

Now that we got some of the basics outta the way, here's where the "easy to lose it" part comes down.

Weapons are used by various peoples, from the aboriginals of the Outback, to the African Tribes, to the modern day people of the modern world. However, holding a weapon, say a knife or machete for example makes you feel powerful around those who don't. Which is why people like to fear monger over others that have no weapons, because they lose control of themselves too fast. Making a weapon is as easy as making a stone axe. How do you make one? No clue to be honest. Can't be too hard though, so get chipping! Nonetheless, weapons would recommend are bows and arrows, crossbows, and .22s. Crossbows and Bows are easy to maintain, you can make arrows yourself if you got the skill, and arrows are reuseable. 22s because ammo for them is abundant, stupidly so to the point where I'm pretty sure you can by a brick of 1000 rounds for about 30 USD, hell I'm looking at listings right now and someone is selling two 1000 boxes for 30 USD.

Shelter is an obvious one, if you have a bomb shelter (whether built in or self made) then that's probably the best case scenario besides roughing it in the woods somewhere because then you at least have a homebase. If you live alone, you're house will only protect you for so long before someone or something starts knocking. Barricades, like barbed wire, motes or even the old Punji Trap (Nail traps) can be good ways at giving some sort of defense. Knowing a good layout of the land helps, knowing land marks, or even making your own. Knowing where rivers, creeks, or streams are will help in the run and provide a good source of water considering it isn't contaminated.

And finally, recreation. Something to pass your time while the world ends or is done ending, is having fun. Maybe find your friends, loved ones, maybe pick up your crush or significant other and play games with each other. It's always good to have a health state of mind and playing games and such is good way to keep that going. Should one of your friends or family break down, comfort them, hug them, tell them it's okay to be upset because you are too. Just hold it all together and everything will be fine.

And that's guide on how to survive the Apocalypse. Like, share, and don't forget to subscribe to Pewdi--- wait wrong platform

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Don't forget books! Maybe a copy of "How to Invent Everything: A Survival Guide for the Stranded Time Traveler", by Ryan North?

--Sweetie Belle

A couple other things easily overlooked are either a solar-powered or crank-powered AM/FM receiver/transceiver, sturdy rope, flashlight, a book of matches or some flint and metal, water purification tablets to get you through until you find a stable source of clean water, and a rugged survival knife. If you have spare carrying capacity, a small solar-powered charging station for rechargeable batteries will let you stretch your tool/gadget use a bit with careful planning.

AND. The most important thing you can possibly do: become familiar with all of your gear. The IPECAC bottle won't do you any good if you can't remember where you stored it. :pinkiesick:

Thats true, having a thorough list of objects to check every day/night is a smart idea

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