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Yu-gi-oh E-Quest (Masquerade's Outfit/Identity) · 2:06am Jul 8th, 2020

Masquerade wears...

A dark shirt with a long turtleneck that completely hid every inch of his neck, with matching dark pants and a strong silver belt. A big black overcoat with silver trimmings and sharp edges, soft black gloves with silver, metal bands, slick looking black running shoes, and to top it all off, he wore a black sphere hood that completely covered his head, and a rather spooky looking mask, half black and half grey with odd streaks and circles on it that covered his entire face.

Basically it looks something like this...

The main outfit...

Sphere hood

And Mask...

In relation to his attitude blog...

Beast Boy/Masquerade has grown so cynical and embittered with the world around him that he can't bear to look at it, the people, or even his own self through his eyes, hence his mask, and outfit to cover ever last inch of him.

Also, there are other goals, and the Number Priority of all is: The other characters are to remain completely oblivious to his identity (Never would have guessed) especially the other Titans. Long ago, they realized how hard they had been on him, and wanted to find and try to "Supposedly" make it up to him and get him to come back (When really they just want him back to feel less guilty of their faults) and Terra wishes to take him back, realizing she is lost without him (Supposedly), but a lot of them gave up from behind unable to find him.

Beast Boy hasn't seen the Titans in five years, and was most disturbed to find they had entered the dueling tournament, and as angry as he was, he couldn't just back out (He wants that Million dollars, and he doesn't run out of a tournament for anything)

They already didn't recognize him with his adult voice, and his body is taller and more buff now. they also can't compare his skills and athletics on the count of believing Beast Boy was never smart enough and couldn't amount to much like this (Further proving what little confidence and faith they had in him)

But the next step is to prevent the titans from being able to scan him (As well as other people all over the world) which he has been doing all these years.

Underneath his mask, Beast Boy has two small, but super-technological electrodes attached to his forehead. These two little fellas emit a powerful, yet invisible field of energy around him.

One renders him undetectable by all electronic and computerized equipment. Try as you will, but even Cyborg's top-of-the-line equipment cannot scan him, x-ray him, or anything. There's no way he can see what's behind the mask, or under the suit.

Episode 12

Vic decided to try and scan the guy-- see if he could make a DNA match. So he focussed his mechanical eye on him, and booted up his wrist-com, but as he tried to zoom in on Masquerade, the systems crashed.

“What the--?” cried Vic “I can’t scan him.”

He tried again, and his system crashed a second time. “Something’s jamming with my systems. I can’t get a lock on him.”

The other electrode makes him impervious to certain kinds of magic and energy. This means, Raven cannot read his mind; she already tried, but her powers couldn't seem to reach him (As if they were being blocked.)

“Let me try something,” said Raven, and she shut her eyes, and held her hands together, concentrating hard to make psychic-contact with Masquerade’s mind, only for the magic to suddenly cease before it could reach him.

“I can’t…!” said Raven “I can’t make contact with him. It’s like something’s blocking my powers out.”

Raven can't even use her powers to grab him; the magic will cease before it can reach him, and trying to hold him with a tractor beam, or Raven putting up some dark barrier... he'll just walk right through it, completed unaffected. Same goes for Starfire's power, Cyborg's sonic cannon, or even the Equestria Girls' magic. (Even Princess Twilight can't levitate him... it's like targeting someone who wear an anti-magic manacle)

The enemies she and her friends ever fought were all wimps (Weaker than she was, and not worth snuff) Even Masquerade could beat Tirek

Again, that's the idea. His identity is to be revealed to them at the PRECISE, APPROPRIATED TIME and not before! Until then, the other characters are to be completely unaware of who's under the mask, and must be unable to determine who he is by conventional, high-tech, or supernatural methods.

You could try and pull his mask off, but to do that you'd have to catch him, and he's outwitted them all many times.

His street smarts and gaming skills (Having clear numerous escape rooms, virtual reality simulators, and sports like rock-climbing) not to mention his old super hero training... make him very agile, versatile and slick.

His coat can actually open up like glider wings to help him leap over large distances.

And also, he is STILL Beast Boy, though he's not a hero and doesn't really use his animal powers anymore, only on super special occasions will he have to...

...Like when they chased him into that alley and had him surrounded round every corner.

Since no one was looking, he changed into a small animal, making it easy to hide and they wouldn't see him; like he really vanished, but he still eluded them. (And since he's already undetectable, they don't even bother scanning for him)

that's just it though, no detection, no unmasking, ZIP!!

That's just the way I want it.


As for Masquerade beating Tirek... it's easy (Because Tirek is such a wimp)

I can imagine it now...

Tirek is closing in on Masquerade, demanding he hand over the stolen magical artifact, but Masquerade knows the "Rules of Magic" which are the key to his victory (Even Twilight wouldn't have a chance)

And the first and foremost rule that ever spell-caster, including Twilight should know about magic: "Things are not always what they seem."

Masquerade: "Magical #1: Never touch another magician's item unless he hands it to you."

So he hands it to Tirek, and now Tirek is all cocky and confident, and ready to zap the guy into ashes.

Masquerade: "Magical Rule #2: Only let them see what YOU WANT them to see."

Tirek opens fire, and Masquerade leaps to the side revealing the solid wall of the building behind him, which casts a reflection of Tirek and bounces the force right back to him (And Tirek can't block his own cursed spell)

WHOOFF... he's gone.

Masquerade: "Magical Rule #3 --The Cardinal Rule: Never, ever get caught in your own reflection."

...So there.

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