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Just a guy who loves cars, boats, planes, and basically anything with an engine. Oh, and I write stories about pastel-coloured horses and stuff.

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    I haven't checked in in a while so thought I'd just throw in a blog post to update you guys on where things are at.

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    It WAS going well...but then I managed to break my arm today. :twilightangry2:

    I was at work working on something while up on scaffolding. I asked my colleague on a platform above me to pass me some equipment down, I told him to just chuck it. He warned me that it was quite heavy, I replied with "Nah it's not, just chuck it. I'll be fine."

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A few updates + something new · 8:26pm July 3rd

I haven't checked in in a while so thought I'd just throw in a blog post to update you guys on where things are at.

Progress on TTT Chapter 5 is...actually coming along better than expect. Obviously only being able to type with one hand is slow (and makes me wanna punch stuff out of frustration sometimes), but also since I've got nothing better to do after work on account of my broken arm, I've been able to slowly chip away at chapter 5. I don't think I'll make it to my usual 10th of the month deadline, but I'll definitely have it out before the end of July.

Of course, sitting here with nothing better to do does make me go a little crazy...I can't really play video games with one hand, can't work on my cars, can't simrace...so...yeah... :pinkiecrazy:

To break it up a little though, I started coming up with another story idea based on the Equestria At War Universe. I've started doing a bit of planning and I think I'm ready to start writing it. To be honest, I'm finding the change of scenery a little refreshing, so I think I might proceed.

That being said though, my primary story is and always will be Through Thick and Thin. So I think what I will do is finish writing TTT chapter 5, then start writing chapter 1 of this yet-to-be-named EAW story. I'll upload it, but immediately put it on hiatus as a kind of placeholder. TTT will always be my primary story.

Anyway, I'm hoping the docs give me the OK to get my arm out of this sling next week so I can at least use my fingers again. Typing with one had is a right pain...

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Hope you feel better soon!:twilightsmile:

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