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I love reading, running, and traveling. My goal is to heal others; Trauma is my Trade ~ let’s get you back in the fight!

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Changling Special Ops Patch · 10:48pm June 26th

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A doctor and an artist then.

Just a healer and a casual artist :twilightsheepish:

The healing properties of art are woefully underappreciated.

Yeah I take requests, but for now it’s practice and skill improvement

Ah, you've got a page with your conditions somewhere?

Not really, haven’t really drawn one up yet as I don’t think my skills are good enough to charge :rainbowlaugh: but I look on the art for fan fiction forum a lot and if I see someone requesting something I ask if they would allow me to do it for fun or practice. Other times people pm me and if I can I draw what they request this was one of them

I see. You know, I could use one of these. I would've paid you even, if USD didn't cost 28 in my national currency that is. But alas I am force to turn towards alternative ways. Perhaps a favour for a favour?

Nah it’s cool if you want to request a drawing feel free to send me the details in a dm/pm if I like it and feel like I could get good practice that’ll be enough.

Ah, I am afraid I do not operate like this. All work must be paid for, that's a principle, I do not leave behind unpaid debts. While I am not capable of drawing, like you, I can help you in another way. Relevantly to our location, I am a trained philologist specializing in translation. You, occasionally, write, don't you? I imagine you would be hard-pressed to find around here anyone more qualified to proofread and advise you on literary matters.

Alrighty I may have one of my characters in a story travel to other lands and have the characters they encounter speak a different language if I need someone to tell me how something would be said that’d be great. But I don’t mind practice is practice, I was going to do a contribute and ask for OCs to draw or heck do hybrids ect on the artists forum if I found enough time. But if you send me the details I’ll let you know if I can help, either way I’m sure it’ll be great practice.

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