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This is my quest. To follow that star! No matter how hopeless, no matter how far.

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Calling for character designs · 1:51pm June 21st

So here's the thing. In my story, Brightly Lit 2, there are soon going to be five new secondary characters who will appear in a chapter or two and then fade into the background. They may be referred to or pop out again from time to time but that's it. You're probably wondering where I'm going with this.

See, I can design up these characters no problem, but I thought it would be nice to let you, my readers, have a chance to submit their character designs. I will be selecting five reader made designs for use in the story. Selected designs will have a shoutout in the afterword of their introductory chapter to their creator by me as thanks. I will be selecting two pegasi, two earth ponies, and one unicorn design who will all be adults in their mid to late 20s. Here are the details I need for each design:

Body colour:
Overall build:
Mane colour/style:
Tail colour style:
Wing colour(s):
Horn colour:
Distinguishing features:

I reserve the right to make minor alterations in selected designs. You may make up to five entries in the comments below. Hope to see some interesting designs.

All the best,

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Comments ( 11 )

Aww... My OC is a bat pony...

I wouldn't be too opposed to my Twinkle showing up!

Name: Twinkletail
Tribe: Unicorn
Sex: Female
Body colour: Light purple
Overall build: Average height, a tiny bit of pudge to her but mostly fit
Mane colour/style: White mane. A bit spiky in the front and long in the back.
Tail colour style: White with a little bit of yellow at the tip of the tail. Occasionally ties the tail into braids but usually leaves it loose
Wing colour(s): No wings
Horn colour: Same as her coat color
Distinguishing features: Cutie mark is a white shooting star with a dark purple trail and a few yellow trails inside the purple one. Yellow eyes.

Do you want bits on her personality too, or just physical characteristics?

Well I wouldn't mind Terra Incognita doing a cameo!

Tribe: Earth Pony
Sex: Female
Body colour: Lime with patches of dust.
Overall build: Big. Draft horse physique.
Mane colour/style: Cyan, with a streak of fire-engine red. Some strands of gray. Long, and curly except for the streak.
Tail colour style: Same as mane, though tip of tail fades to chalk white.
Wing colour(s): N/A
Horn colour: N/A
Distinguishing features: CM is a black silhouette of a compass (the tool for drawing circles) on top of six lines in a diamond pattern (/// + \\\).

Lucky Spear
Tribe: earth pony
Sex: male
Body colour: tan
Overall build: the strong side of average
Mane colour/style: brown and messy
Tail colour style: brown
Wing colour(s): N/A
Horn colour: N/A
Distinguishing features: cutie mark is a spear over a 4-leaf clover

Well phooey, August Lore is much closer to eighty than twenty. Ah well, you can't win them all.

Silver Lark
Tribe: Pegasus
Sex: Female
Body colour: "Tarnished silver"
Overall build: Lithe
Mane colour/style: Cheeto-dust orange, box-braids or dreadlocks
Tail colour style: Same as mane
Wing colour(s): Same as body; feathers have white tips
Horn colour: n/a
Distinguishing features: Coat guard hairs have white tips, giving her a faint silvery sheen/outline; white star and strip facial marking; teal eyes.

Tell you what, I have several (40) members of the Bat Ponies who aren't defined. I'll be more than happy to take one of your descriptions for use at a later date :)

You can give me her personality bits if you like. I can't guarantee I will use them, but I may if I can fit them into the story.

Sorry about that.

And overall, sorry about my late reply. My son is playing Eve Online again with a friend, and I decided to join in and help them out with my old characters. Like this one, my Dominix pilot. http://prntscr.com/t4cord

I think an image speaks more than a thousand words so...
also, his eye color is crimson red

Are these going to be Brightly ponies, or Equestrian ones?

Brightly ponies

Human Name: Jessie Stancer
Chosen pony name: Sapphire Ring
Tribe: earth pony
Sex: female
Coat colour: off-white, with a slight blue tint.
Eye colour: Green
Mane and tail colour/style: Blue, flowing down in a soft wave.
Distinguishing features: A pair of earrings that vary each day
Cutie mark: a pair of golden earrings with sapphires embedded in them.

Short bio: Jessie Stancer is Brightly's jeweller. It's not a grand market in the small community, and her shop sells clocks and watches and their assorted accessories to help fill the gap in earnings, but jewellery has always been Jessie's passion. After the incident and seeing the new pony life, Jessie noticed ponies not wearing much and figured this would be the perfect time to encourage people to accessorize more. But with pony bodies not exactly being equipped to wear rings, and with completely different ears, the amount of accessories she had for sale dropped rather drastically. Not to be discouraged, Jessie started working on new jewellery and finding out how ponies could best wear them.

With herself as the 'test subject', Jessie started to work out what kind of necklaces worked best, what kind of bracelets would fit around a pony's legs without falling off, and how and where to pierce a pony's ears for earrings. The later earned her a firm scolding from Brightly's new medic when her friends dragged her to Medevac to look at her bleeding ears, who also forbade any more attempts at experimenting on herself. Not to be discouraged, Jessie firmly held her ground, stating that jewels were her passion and she would find out how ponies could best wear them one way or another, a statement so firmly made was not something magic could ignore and earned Jessie her cutie mark. The burst of magic drew the attention of the recovering Celestia, who after another scolding for harming herself, celebrated Jessie's new cutie mark by giving a detailed explanation of jewellery in Equestria, and how ponies wear them. With the advice firmly in mind, Jessie dubbed herself Sapphire Ring and set out to try and find the best jewellery for the ponies in Brightly.

Nowadays, Sapphire can be seen in Brightly often wearing different jewellery each day, testing the old and making new. But one thing she always wears is a pair of earrings. She may wear a necklace one day and bracelets the next, but you can always see her with a pair of earrings.

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