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Pixar, I am SO sorry... · 1:41pm June 21st

Report BezierBallad · 62 views · #Rip-off #Pixar #Onward
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What the...
What Is This?
The Premise could be good ...
HELL ANY Stories Premise 'Could' be good IF, but the idea that these Waring tribes set aside their problems and joined together after one side relinquished their ultimate weapon is pretty good stuff.

Doesn’t excuse the fact that it’s a rip-off of Pixar’s “Onward.”

Tbh, the movie would've be better If they didn't copied Onward's storyline.

Isn’t that the point though?

I mean the animation is great, effects are great, background is great, but the movie was wasted because of copied storyline.

Those might be overstatements, bud.

I mean, good animation?

Yeah, maybe I'm overreacting, but still great and astonishing compared to the other cheap rip-offs.

Oh I totally get that, and it is WAY to soon to re-make its story,
People always think they could do your story better, and eh I would say let them burn themselves; you can only have stupid ideas for so long....Realizing these companies don't learn and will make shitty remakes all the gorddarned time

this looks like a mockbuster film that may be better than the story Pixar made

You’re being sarcastic, right?

I am not me and my dad both watched 10 minutes of that movie it was not that good and he has a show in production and is the head writer

Well, this mockbuster probably isn’t any better.

I am willing to bet you are right about that

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