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    Greetings MetaVerse Fans,

    Today is a very sad day for the project.

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MetaVerse Update - 06-10-20 · 5:54am June 10th

Hello MetaVerse Fans! 

I am indeed alive and well and as far as I can tell so are most if not all of the support team! 

The COVID19 issues were an amazingly hurtful set back for us. Mainly me as I have a job where I am deemed vital and thus got no time off during this. Between my crew at work and myself we were doing the job of 900 people with maybe 90% less staff. I won't go into details but it's been tiring. 

Then came a sudden bout with illness to me. During the memorial weekend I must have picked something up. I wear a mask and practice all distancing and handwashing protocol so it came as a shock. Thankfully after a test we found out 72 hours later I was indeed not infected with COVID19. I tell ya 3 days never felt so long in isolation at home! 

While I fought off whatever flu or bug I was infected with (not Meep, she is a good bug) I was subject to a 14 day no work order from my employer so I had to begin figuring out where funds would be coming from. 

During all this I've been keeping sane with Fallout 76 and Watching a lot of old movies. I watched the 1960 version of Village of the Damned to name one. Quite impressed that storytelling back then almost beats today’s! 

I also found a pair of whacky fellows named Ryan and Shane on a channel called Buzzfeed Unsolved. I'm a bit of a spooky and unsolved fan so these made isolation whirl by fast.

That being said hopefully in a month or so we can get things entirely back on track. I go back to work in a few days and we shall see what insanity that brings. 

A few notes: 

  • We got a partial review by Lumina Faith check it out here! We appreciate their candor and their time in doing so. Maybe we can submit others later! 

    Total Wasteland Episode 9 and Equestrian City Episode 20 are in progress. Thank you to my staff for all the help so far in ideas and pep talks. 

    A shout out to Brawny Buck who has been an enormous help. 

    An honorable mention to Spencer who I have named as my successor when my time in this world ends. Between him, Alden and Alisia I'm confident they can keep my vision alive. 

    Spencer is working on a few back ends on the website and has a prototype wiki page set up so we can host our own wiki and not bother those wonderful folks at fandom.com! Stay tuned on that. 

    My main computer rig is almost dead. I need to get a new setup and will soon. My back up rig is a laptop I recently bought so I won’t be entirely out when the time comes. 

    Our discord server has become rather quiet but it's mainly due to both the size of our user base in there and the entire world pandemic issue. We invite you to come hang out if you wish. We don't bite. Typically. Though we do discuss some oddball things so come prepared! 

    Then of course there's the protests that turned violent and thankfully seem to be returning to peaceful but still vital message conveying events. 

    If you are affected by the protests or the virus or heck even both, know that you are not alone in this fight for equality. Be it bigotry or virus, safety and caution must be maintained. 

    Be safe and stay tuned for more! 
    DarkMalcontent & The MetaVerse Team

    The Equestrian City / MetaVerse
    Equestrian City Website | Discord | Patreon | YouTube | Twitch | Twitter 

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Thanks for the update. I hope things improve, especially in regard to your computer rig! I'd go nuts if my computer were to die on me that's for sure.

Oh, my big sister *loves* Buzzfeed Unsolved. I remember her telling me about them quite a few times. XD

Hope you stay mentally and physically healthy,

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