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    Golly!:Chinese Translation

    Disharmony Tree has taken the effort to translate my story, Golly! Into Chinese.

    I've read the Chinese version (translated back to English, thank you Google) and I love it.

    I've added a link to the story description for all who are interested.

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    Discord (Server, Not the Character)

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    What Should I Do?

    Okay, I have a problem.

    As I mentioned last week, Knighty was able to restore the first story I started writing: The Final Element. It's definitely rough, but it has a special place in my heart, and I actually progressed the story a fair bit before I put it on hiatus for a rewrite. Then I took notes for the rewrite and deleted the original story so I could write the new version.

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    Oh My Golly


    Oh my word, it's been 6 years since I had a new featured story.

    THANK YOU so much!

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Blast from the past · 12:57pm Jun 3rd, 2020

With a bit of help from Knighty, I've also managed to recover the first story I ever started writing on this site: The Final Element


Human in Equestria!

Also: VERY early, and unpolished writing from myself. But wow is it a nostalgia trip.

I'll leave it up if anyone wants to check it out. Maybe I'll finish that rewrite I promised ages ago.


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Comments ( 8 )

I don't think it published right—from my POV the fic is 0 words long and has no chapters.

I just noticed that right before reading this comment.

It looks like it saved all my chapters in an unpublished state, along with all the old comments.

Now I need to decide whether to republish them all as-is, or take this chance to polish it up properly first.

Oh, I remember it!
I think that's how I started reading you :)
Do not remember details, just that it was actually pretty nice :)

Stop, I remember...
You killed Twilight there !!!!
And left it as it was with story hanging !!
Which was really cruel... :fluttershysad:

Any chance you will continue the story and bring her back?
Just one chapter, please? Bring her back, please? :fluttershysad:

I remember this story and cover art. I feel like you should have never removed it, even if you feel it's bad.

I was actually re-reading it last night and found it to be surprisingly good, if pretty rough. I think the biggest issue I have is pacing.

I definitely feel like I could tidy it up, though it might take a while.

I made the same mistake for a store of mine called True Sight. It was removed and I talked to my friends and they think even if I abandon it, it's not right to just cover it up. So, back it went lol. I like my story, a lot but I hit a huge road block.

Based Knighty. It is checked as read for me, whatever that means

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