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Sigh... · 9:13pm May 5th, 2020

I'm thinking of quitting my job.

Today went from being something I was happy about, to just making me want to cry.


My boss pulled me aside today, told me that I had five complaints set against me.

That I come off as Rude and quiet.

I appreantly dress frumpy.

I'm considered to be distant.

My hair is considered messy.

And my favorite... That I have a certain scent which has offended my workmates.

I'm not a really assertive person irl.

I'm shy...

I'm introverted.

But I've been recently feeling better about myself...

I've been thinking I'm getting better at talking to others and opening up.

I even started to think I was starting to dress a tad prettier...I felt good about myself....

But everything I see and hate in myself.... Others seem to see that as well.

And to top it off, say I stink!?

I shower everyday.

I thought my clothes were nice... But I'm just hideous.

I don't really want to be around people anymore...

I'm just a horrible person and if my mere presence is enough to turn people away...

I just want to be left alone...

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Look, Imma be honest, this world is full of assholes. That much is true. There are plenty of people who want nothing more than to tear you down for their own sick pleasure.

However, for every evil person, there is at least one good person, one person who'll take your hand and help you back up, who'll be there for you when you need them.

I went through a rough patch myself a while back. I figured I would just have to go through it alone. But instead, I found a few friends, guys who I could count on, and who could count on me. Sure, it took me a while to find them, but damn it, it sure as hell was worth it in the end.

I hope you find the people who are worth caring about, because from the sound of it, your fellow employees sure as fuck aren't.

Look, I'm going to be honest with you, sometimes...I HATE people. Specifically people with hate, spite, and rage displayed for the world to see, and that's what those people you described are. You? You're special. You're unique in your own way, you shouldn't let what other people say get you down. I've been there once, when I first joined this site, and let's just say, if I had listened and agreed with every people who hated my very first story...I would've quit writing fanfiction a LONG time ago. But I didn't, because the people close to me showed me that as long as you enjoy what you write, then who cares what others think?

My point is, don't let the words of spiteful people get you down, keep being yourself, and open up to people you believe you can trust, not just anyone.

One last thing, and this something I learned from a video game once: the world ends with you; you can choose to stay in your own little circle, your own little world, and never deal with others, but by letting people in, do we find new ways to be ourselves, and slowly, our small worlds grow just a little bit bigger. Just food for thought.

If you wish to talk, my message box is always open for you.


Maybe you're right.

I just started to feel better about myself, being embarrassed and torn down just broke my heart.

But I think I might have a few people here... Who I dare call friends.

Irl, all I really have is my sister.

And my cat I guess.

Thank you, you're nice to take time to say something.

I hope you're blessed with happiness for your kindness.

First I want to say I’m sorry to here this happened to you, it’s never right to have this done to you. I can see you are self conscious of yourself but please don’t let this get you down, and never think yourself as hideous, if you give that thought power then you are lonely letting them win. Trust me I know from experience. This also shows the boss isn’t a good boss. A good boss takes people under their wing and helps the people under them. Guides and gives constructive criticism , always trying to improve their workforce even it’s just by helping one person. By turning around and saying five complaints were placed against you isn’t a good boss .

What I’m getting at is you aren’t a horrible person or hideous don’t let a few bad people represent the rest. You will always find good people somewhere.

*Hug* That's a really rough day, I'm very sorry to hear you got treated so poorly. I do want to point out none of that stuff is a direct criticism of your work, much of it seems to be nothing but opinion. I mean what the hell does dressing frumpy even mean? Or your hair is messy? my hair is very curly and it can be impossible to control so it looks messy on a humid days. And how can you be both rude and quiet at the same time? they seem counter to each other.... To be honest lots of this stuff seems like work politics and corporate garbage.

You are a wonderful person, don't let any short sighted corporate stooges tell you otherwise. *gives another hug for good measure*

I can't really say I've been in a situation like this before but a good rule of thumb: Just because people don't like who you are doesn't mean you can't be who you are. If people don't like me I avoid them. I will work with them but I will avoid them if possible. Find people you can converse with and that have similar interests (or not) and they will be the people you can be with even in bad situations. Also you have all of those internet people here for ya (Me included). Hope this helps.

Thank you River.

~ Hugs~

My hair gets frizzy in the humid weather, but I didn't think it was anything bad.

I dress in pants, long sleeved blouses and comfortable shoes.

It's not anything special but I feel comfortable...

Maybe you're right....I just took a blow to my confidence.

It's hard for me to put myself out there, only to hear that I just offended everybody.

I hope I'm not rude, I'm a tad soft spoken.

But I only treat everybody with utmost respect.

You're right, I need to maybe just not let it sink into me.

Just a bit hard sometimes, you know?

Just a tad hard to smile at times.

Thank you.

I can't really avoid people, Im a supervisor.

But I never thought so many people thought such things about me, it sort of was my biggest fear when I got my promotion.

That I'd be resented...

I just Really feel a bit low, i hate being shy and soft spoken but it's just hard to open up... I get frightened to let people in my life.

That's what I thought, I felt spotlighted and so embaressed.

It took so much not to cry.

Who we are inside tends to come through in the words we speak. Especially so here where what we see is just the words, and trust me when I say this, you are not rude. Nothing you have said or done here has me even entertaining the idea of you being rude. I'm an introvert as well, when I was in a leadership position I had to endure a lot of pressure to be more outgoing, as if being more outspoken or more vocal was some sort of expectation. It's not, it's usually the loud mouths and poor leaders that want that from everyone else around them.

I don't see how you dress as being crucial to job performance, and what you describe seems perfectly fine to me. So I begin to wonder if there's some sexist bullshit going on in there. I mean would they use the word frumpy for a man who choose to wear dress pants sneakers and a polo top?

If you are in a leadership position being comfortable is important too. So is being authentic, I have yet to see a person lead effectively by pretending to be someone they are not. The fact that this comes up so quickly and so intensely makes me think it is more politics and other garbage than anything else. I can see why it would hit you so hard, any person getting shoved with all that at once would feel horrible. *hugs* I think you're a wonderful person, and I have seen the business world spew a lot of nonsense, remember what business says and what reality are, tend to be two very different things. :heart:

Anytime. The least I can do is spare a few words for someone in need of them.


I feel certain that they wouldn't have told a man he was frumpy...

You're absolutely right River, I need to pick myself up and get back into the fray.

I shouldn't feel so bad about how they see me, I know I'm a good person.

I need to walk back into there tomorrow with my head held high.

Show that I can't be completely broken right?

That I hold my self worth high.

~ Hugs~

Thank you, River.

You're absolutely so intelligent and insightful.

I'm happy to know you.

It means more than you know.

To everybody here, I'm beyond thankful for such kindness.

It's simply heartwarming.

In the words of Ron Swanson, "some people are assholes." If your boss and fellow employees treat you this way, then I would suggest you do quit. After all, there's no point in doing something if you're not happy there.

Remember it is ok to feel upset too, all feelings in this situation are valid, that's a lot of stuff that hit you today. The business world and work politics are not important enough that they get to define your self worth. Stand tall girl, you are a gem and a sweetheart. If you need to talk my inbox is always open ok, :twilightsmile:

And I'm glad I know you too. :heart:

Thank you!

Oh, I've been totally crying my fair bit.

But I'm going to stand tall, like you said.

Just right now, I need to collect myself.

Calm my nerves.

You're a good friend.

I was happy...but now I'm just deflated and honestly a bit frightened of there now.

Forgetful, I know you've had a bad day today, and I'm sorry for that. I'll be praying that you'll have a better day tomorrow.

I'm sorry to hear that. I won't try to influence you either way, but know that I have your back.

You're funny, that made me laugh a little.

Thank you.

I feel the same way, I've been very polite to everyone.

I'm not stern or angry.

If anything I might be quiet-ish?

I think I'm soft spoken, I usually feel scared to raise my voice too loud.

Thank you, Mr. Blue.

You're a good person.

Thank you, it's just a bad day.

But things always get better, we just need to smile.

I will again...just later.

That sounds like a good plan, maybe do something for yourself. Something you enjoy, that calms you down and takes you out of that world for a bit. When work becomes mean like that it is really important you take care of yourself, and show yourself kindness. You deserve it.



I might maybe paint my nails.

That always makes me happy and feel cute.?

Thank you.

I'm starting to feel alot better, this whole community is wonderful.

🎵What can I say except you're welcome.🎵


I loved that song, it was very upbeat.

Hee, thank you.

That helped.

Absolutely a fun movie.

That's just downright terrible. My friend I sincerely doubt you are any of those things. I have seen and heard from a number of people here on FIM and elsewhere just how big of an asshole some people have been during these times, so I am inclined to believe that others are just being needlessly rude and are taking their bitchiness out on you.

Light and Fluffy story helped. Mission Accomplished.

That's not cool, not at all. I don't know why someone would make complaints against you, but I highly doubt that if those are the kind of things stated that they are true. We have your back, and always will. I'm confident that the situation will get better. If looking for advice, I would reccomend reflecting or asking coworkers so you can find out why you came across as rude. The others are insignificant and probably complaints from a differance in opinon, idea, or style. I'll keep you in my prayers. Good luck, have hope. We've got your back. (Also, why is distant an issue like.. why? Some people are introverted, what the heck.) Be safe, and know we care :)

Thank you, everybody in this community is so nice.

I don't know why me appreantly being distant matters, myself.

I'm thinking it might be mixed in with the Rude thing, I'm just not overly talkative.

If people talked to me, I'd politely listen and add a few words.

But do I carry a conversation?

Not really.

I'm taking today off to collect myself, but when I return.

I'm going to explain to my workmates, that I've never once tried to be rude.

I'm just a very private person, and if they think I'm acting a certain way.

I'd be happy if they'd simply come to me and explain, no need to file a complaint.

Oi, as for the other things.

I can try to dress less casual, maybe try to dress more professional.


I'm not sure why they did what they did, but I'm putting it behind me.

Hopefully I can find a way to collect myself.

It hurt, but I'm feeling better.

Thanks to all my wonderful friends here.


I work at a Lumber Consolidation Plant and Resource Facility.

Our company has gained multiple contracts to aide in the building of homes, etc.

I was for a time on the line.

I stacked tiny boards, lol.

I bleached boards.

I stamped and banded.

But recently I've been promoted to a Supervisor Position.

I lead around my workmates and assign jobs needed for the day, it's tons of walking, talking and paperwork now.

Well I'm glad to hear that my friend. We're always here for you *hugs tight*


Ty, so much.

Of course Forgetful. The least I can do ^_^

You're such a sweetheart of a friend, I enjoy our little conversations!

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