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Life Update · 11:36pm Apr 30th, 2020

I am so sick of this whole quarantine and social distancing thing.

Sure, I guess I'm one of the lucky ones, since my mom is an essential worker, and me and my dad have assignments from our respective jobs we can do at home (though, there are things at my dad's work he has to do there), so we're still getting paid, and we've got our own little petting zoo in the backyard, and a river just a pasture away, so going outside isn't a problem for us. Still, I appreciate every opportunity to get out of the house for some kind of adventure, even if it's just grocery shopping.

We're trying a second Disney Marathon, this time with Artsy Notes joining us for the ride and using her friend's Disney+ account (last time, she was on a mission in Arkansas, in an area that also included three other states). So far, we've made it to Make Mine Music (which we had to find the shorts on YouTube, since it wasn't on Disney+, much to our frustration). Kind of slow-goings on the marathon (but, then again, we're in the Package Era, and that's kind of a slog to get through).

Sometimes I just end up baking or making some treat or whatever. There's been a couple nights where I randomly decided to bake cookies. We celebrated Easter by having candy (yanno, like you do), making colored, flower-shaped sugar cookies, and making marshmallow eggs (that last one has been a tradition for several years now, anyway). I even found a recipe for homemade Frosties, which I just had to make. The result turned out delicious, even with a lack of an ice cream maker (we had the more tedious route of returning to the fridge every so often to stir the mix).

Slow progress on fics. Bleh, I need to manage my time on the computer better.

But, anyway, the biggest piece of news I've got is that sometimes my Dad gets some crazy ideas, and as a result, we got four new babies:

This is Lambert (boy).

This is Gabby (girl).

This is Lemon (girl).

And this is Pixie (girl).

They're really young and scrawny, so we gotta (bottle) feed them quite a bit. They're messy eaters and they often wander off before they even finish the bottle. Regardless, they're really friendly and curious (and nibble on everything), and they can talk quite a bit (Gabby especially, the little loudmouth). They're kind of hard to resist, even though I ended up with a sunburn when watching them.

Anyway, these are my insane ramblings.

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I'm real sick of quarantine too, ugh. College is already hard enough without adding in sloppy transitions to online-only halfway through the semester.

At least it sounds like your Easter was a good one! My family always makes deviled eggs and ham biscuits for dinner. Good stuff.

Also, those goats are adorable! :heart:

Yeah, my sisters hated the transition to online too, especially the one in high school (Marshmallow Wings). The one in college (Artsy) is just glad that her semester's over. And meanwhile, we're just all entertaining ourselves in any way we can (like with the marathon, making treats, or just surfing the web).

Oh, they're lambs. We do have goats, but those guys are not little (I should probably get a picture of one of them standing next to one of the lambs, the size difference is... wow). They are curious about the tiny baby sheep (probably thinking they're goats), but apparently still have their skittishness around strangers apply (they were sent running by one of the lambs yelling at and awkwardly trotting after them, and it was hilarious).

Anyway, yes, the lambs are darling. :yay:


The one in college (Artsy) is just glad that her semester's over.

Amen to that! My last final (more of a class discussion) is Monday, nearly there!

They're lambs? My bad, I have no idea what baby goats and sheep look like compared to each other. I haven't seen either in real life in at least five years.

(they were sent running by one of the lambs yelling at and awkwardly trotting after them, and it was hilarious).

...That is the single funniest thing I have heard all week. I needed that mental image in my life, thank you! Do sheep screams sound like goat screams?

Sounds like quarantine is tough for you too. Don't let it get your goat! :rainbowkiss:

Here are the goats:
This is Popcorn.

And this is Beans.

These dweebs are either getting too close for comfort or getting spooked by random things.

Like that little lamb.

Never really thought of much of a difference between sheep and goat sounds other than goats generally going "Maaah" and sheep generally going "Baaah". It is easier to hear with the adults (at least from what I can find on YouTube)--our lambs are going "maaaa".

The lamb will get him first. :trollestia:

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