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    Separated 3

    Blue looked at his new restraints. He sighed, watching as the unicorn rolled a machine up to him. He growled. “I already told you... it’s impossible...”

    The unicorn smirked. “Never underestimate the might of the MPF.” He hooked the machine up to Blue’s restraints. Then, the machine started draining Blue’s magic. He screamed in agony, trying to break his restraints, but to no avail.

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  • Today
    Separated 2

    Blue woke up in another room. He looked at a pony in a white hazmat suit, holding a shock baton. Blue looked at his ruined leg. How was he supposed to fight like this? Well…

    He smirked, his eyes glowing a sharp blue. “Ready Rage?”


    The pony immediately charged, swinging his baton. Blue Rage smirked, leaping at him.

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  • Today

    Blue opened his eyes, looking around to see that his hooves were bounded. He yanked on his restraints until he heard someone chuckling. He looked up to see a unicorn smirking at him. “Hello, Mr. Fang.”

    “Where am I? Who are you?”

    The unicorn chuckled, walking over to a lectern. A sinister smile filled his face as he looked at the stand. “Tell me, how do you activate your... 'second soul'?”

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  • Today

    *Hero looks down the sights of his crossbow, before firing...

    ...and missing* “Buck...”

    *chuckling* “I would say your aim is cancer...” *he takes the crossbow and bullseyes the target* “...but cancer actually kills creatures.”


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    Osoweic, then and again

    Today marks the 105th year anniversary of the Battle of Osowiec Fortress (Aka, the Attack of the Dead Men). The battle consisted of shelling and the attack of chlorine gas. Despite their injuries, the Russians fought hard, and pushed the Germans back.

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Well, my predictions were right · 11:01pm April 26th

I didn’t catch anything...


But it was still fun nonetheless

Report MlpHero · 37 views · #Fishing
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Comments ( 12 )

Well that sucks.

Ah, don't worry about it! I'm not a fishing expert either!

Hey, at least he tried. That's something. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, but I still had fun

I know, but he must’ve really wanted to catch a fish. I get that feeling.

All that matters is that I had fun!

Me too. But hey, at least he gave it a go and had fun while doing it!

At least you had fun!!

Yep! That’s all that matters!

I've allways liked the IDEA of fishing. But when I was younger, I didnt have the patience for it. Now I do, but I dont find myself wanting to go anymore...

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