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  • 5 weeks
    Letters arc complete and posting Monday with Chapter 10 of The Knight, The Fey Maiden, and the Bridge Troll too

    I have up to Chapter 99 complete in Letters From a Little Princess Monster, which is a little embarrassing since I *started* the arc in the middle of Covid season. It could have graduated from several universities in that time. Rather than tease bits out of it like I have before, I'm just going to go straight into my daily publishing routine and let you catch up on where I am on The Knight, The

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  • 7 weeks
    Sun will be down for maintenance on Monday. Sorry for the inconvenience. --NASA

    Here's a story by Estee you can read to take up the time until the Sun is all tuned up and returned to operation.

    EA Total Eclipse Of The Fun
    The second anniversary of the Return is approaching, and all Luna wants for the celebration is one thing -- something Equestria hasn't seen in more than a thousand years. This could be a problem.
    Estee · 38k words  ·  908  10 · 13k views
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  • 15 weeks
    Big Leather Egg Sunday

    A reminder (as John Cleese put it) that today is Big Leather Egg Sunday, and to celebrate, I'm linking the Best Football MLP story of all time by Kris Overstreet. Starring... Rarity?

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  • 15 weeks
    Goodbye Toby Keith, American Legend

    Undoubtedly, if Toby Keith had ever done a tour in Equestria, Applejack would have been right there in the front row, whoopin' and a hollerin' as loud as possible. I think every high school in the US had a proud friendly guy like this, and we raise our red Solo cups in tribute to his last beer run. Salute!

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  • 21 weeks
    New Year 2024- New Projects 1939

    Still working on everything else this year, but I've got a sequel/prequel to Equestria: 1940 in the works, both a series of short stories set in the 1940 world up to the Equestrian moon project, and a war story showing some behind the scenes details about the war. For a little country the size of Ohio in the northern Atlantic, it has a lot of potential. Explosive, mostly. Snippets after the

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PonyFest Online convention · 2:08am Apr 26th, 2020

I've been lurking on the Writing Room and enjoying the heck out of the con. Pick up your con badge here.

Report Georg · 308 views · #Convention
Comments ( 7 )

I've been watching most of the day. It's great to see and here so many friends!

Wish I could spend more time. Busy working this weekend. Have fun!

I hereby give you permission to corrupt people in my name.

5250367 Worse, somebody gave me the link to Digger (online webcomic) and that's like starting at the beginning of Schlock Mercenary and winding up at 3AM going "I'm not done! I can't stop!!"

(Oddly enough, I could swear I have a paper copy of Digger somewhere in my collection downstairs.)

5250362 Must... resist... inner... editor...

Sorry, it's been a long day!

Digger is great. It's also completed, so you don't have to worry about falling further behind the story. Ursula Vernon is wonderful in general.

Glad it sounds like you had a good time. :)

That's a mighty tome of a comic to get through.
But it's good stuff. As is Schlock.

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