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Earth, Wind, and Spitfire · 1:32am April 19th

Short thing below. Also, brief update on the me: I still exist! Yay! Working on something big for you all... you know, as I have been, for the past almost-two-years... I've shown it to some delightful weirdos and they agree that I sure have been putting words in a specific order in a document, so there's your second opinions. In the meantime, have something dumb I wrote for a speedwrite. And join the My Little Story discord here, we do some fun little speedwrites and contests and it's a good way to get something written if you can't motivate yourself.

The prompt was "(PANIC at the) Disco". Mostly disco. I... I think.

“Do you… dish-choo,” slurred Soarin’, downing his third drink full of rum and Celestia-knew-what-else. Something pinkish. Strawberries, maybe?

“Dishchoo?” Spitfire blinked at him owlishly over her fireball whiskey. “You mean disco?”

Fleetfoot laughed over her margarita, nudging Soarin’ with a wing. It wasn’t as hard as her regular ribbing, but Soarin’s body generously took the hint and let him topple off the stool on impact. “Sure she does! You know how it goes, right, Spitfire? Do you remember…” she trailed off, grinning at their leader who was rapidly deciding that she was either too tipsy or not nearly tipsy enough for this shit.

Spitfire squinted at the condensation circles her glass had left on the countertop. A memory was slowly forming. “Do you remember… the… the fifth of November, the gunfire treason and plo-”

“Noo!” Fleetfoot cackled, slamming her hooves against the countertop. “Wrong bucking date, boss! Soarin, you know the rest, right?”

“Remember meeee,” belted Soarin’ from his vantage point on the floor. “Once in a whiiiile, pleash promise me youuuu’ll tryyyy!” 

“Nice opera,” managed Spitfire as she pounded the back of a sputtering Fleetfoot next to her. “But probably not disco.”

“Remember me, though I have to say goodbye,” Soarin’ crooned, sensually stroking the stool leg. Chair leg would never laugh at him for getting song lyrics so right. “Remember me, don’t let it make you cry…”

Rainbow Dash frowned as she trotted past the breakroom, laughter blaring out from it. She let out a sigh before listening in. Yup, they were drunk again. Rainbow Dash waited for a break in the chuckling before making her move. She chimed in with a “Haven’t you ponies ever heard of closing the goddamn door,” before slamming it shut. Honestly, she could barely think with all those ponies singing. 

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Comments ( 2 )

Twas funny. You should consider writing more of this.
If you want...
No pressure. :scootangel:

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