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Just a guy who loves cars, boats, planes, and basically anything with an engine. Oh, and I write stories about pastel-coloured horses and stuff.

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Through Thick and Thin chapter 2 update · 9:06pm April 10th

Chapter 2 is almost complete. It currently sits at 10,000 words and counting. I've got 1 more scene to finish writing then I'll do my normal pre-reading / spell-checking and it will be uploaded. Can't say exactly when, but I expect it to be some point by Monday/Tuesday at the very latest.

Boy, being stuck indoors off work thanks to the Coronavirus sure has given me plenty of time to write, I could get used to this... (although I don't think my liver could, it's probably reacting something like this atm :rainbowlaugh: )

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Comments ( 2 )

The good thing is that we will not have to wait that long xd, just take your time and so that the quality does not fail, a question can you give me advice when writing a story about this ship or writing a story in general? greetings from Mexico.

I still consider myself to be learning also, so I wouldn't consider my advice the best, but I'll try...

One thing I learned when writing Wonderbolts Trials And Tribulations is not to just wing it with a general idea. It's best to plan a story from start to finish before starting to write. Or at least get most of the way there. I'm around 80% complete with the planning for Through Thick and Thin.

With regards to shipping...I can't think of anything SoarinDash specific, but I guess make sure the pacing is correct. What I mean by that is be realistic. IRL, it's rarely love at first sight is it? There needs to be build-up and interaction as the characters come to realize their feelings.

That's all I got right now :twilightblush:

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