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Remembering Koji Wada (January 29, 1974 – April 3, 2016) · 3:40am April 3rd

It's already the 3rd of April in Japan, so I might as well do this before hitting the hay.

If you've followed me for a few years, you know how much of a fan I am of the Digimon series Except for Digimon 02. I subbed it. I officially dubbed it. Directed a few episodes of the official Latin American Dub. Hated what they did in the US to it. Seriously, of all anime dubs fuck-ups, that was a goddamned crime. And all around take pride in my devotion to a hugely underappreciated series.

True story, the two Tailmons on the left have been with me since the original series was aired in Latin America. (Year 2k!)

When Koji Wada's death was announced, I was, well… devastated in the sense any fan can be at the death of someone that inspired and brought out so many feelings in them. I remember finding out and just basically… it really hit me. I couldn't think of much to say at the time, it was so sudden. 

Butterfly is still one of those songs that I can listen to. You know? It's not just that I know the lyrics in Japanese and Spanish. It's not just that I loved the anime. It's the song. Koji actually really loved Digimon.

His favorite out of all of them was Patamon, which… well, no one is perfect. But in all seriousness. I can't help but miss him whenever I hear that song, watch any of the series, or simply catch the odd fanart.

He was a very kind man, by all accounts, well loved and respected by his peers and (obviously) fans. 

I still tear up with this scene, if I 'm honest. Sorry I couldn't find a subbed version in English, but if you watched the series you know what's going on, and if not, anyone can understand the context, I think.

So here's to Koji Wada's memory, and his songs.


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May you forever rest in peace Koji Wada. You and other creators like you shall never be forgotten.

Reese #2 · April 3rd · · ·

I enjoyed Digimon as a kid. The American dubbed version, unfortunately, but, well, kid; I didn't really know better. I didn't really know much about the background of it, though, and still don't, but I'm sorry for your loss here, and that of everyone else he touched.

Oh, though if you don't mind me asking, why don't you like Digimon 02? I don't remember it being particularly worse than the series before or after (though, again, kid, so it's quite possible I missed something).

Ow shoot I Dident know he dudes man that sucks may he rest in piece for all he did

Digimon along with mlp:fim is pretty much my childhood (i actualy enjoyed Digimon 02 mostly because polish voice actors knew what they were doing unlike the American ones) so i too was sad when Koji Wada died all inclusive can really do is burn an virtual candle for him in internet and a real one in my flat

Oh man, Digimon. So many good childhood memories of that show. One of the few anime actually airing on Dutch TV at the time (Dutch dubbed), and definitely one of my gateway anime. Both Digimon and Pokemon started airing around the same time, but between the two Digimon was always the more engaging of the two, with a plot and characters that actually went somewhere, and a world I kept wanting to learn more about.

Author Interviewer

Koji Wada was great. :C

Digimon 2 was airing Fox Kids around the time I was growing up. They did some 01 reruns, but I was only able to play catch up thanks to the comic series published by Dark Horse. So 02 was part of the baseline for me, rather than me seeing it as an added-on sequel.

Wanderer D

5234790 Digimon 02 was just... basically what 5234919 said. An add-on sequel. It expanded little on the first series, really added nothing of value, and worse, it took away a lot of the weight behind the choices and things the characters from the first series did. It's not that it's bad, it just should have been its own thing and not ride on the shoulders of what is, honestly, a superior story.

Wait what was wrong with the american dub?

Wanderer D

5235443 Besides the awful song? The dub itself was extremely adapted, to the point of butchering the characters, it was really dumbed down. It's not that the original is Tolstoy, but it dealt with more themes than they were willing to allow.

Ah, thanks.

...Now I'm kind of wanting to seek out a subbed version online (and wondering if the above experience with 02 was partly because I only knew the dub of the original). Quite a bit else to do at the moment, but, hm, perhaps at some point later.

The designs of the new Digimon and Digivolutions were sick as hell though.

Huh, I should probably track down a sub at some point, and watch that. Ya know, assuming I can find the time to focus on it.

Enjoyed video, because since there were no English subs I had to actually use JP knowledge, and...surprisingly could follow basically everything. Which was nice.

Time. So odd, how it winds forward

RIP 😥 I remember hearing about his death at the time. Very sad. A lot of North American / European fans of Digimon will never know him because of how the English dub was treated. I think Seven is my favorite song in the series, followed of course by Brave Heart.

Which sub did you do? Adventure? And what did you think of .tri?

Wanderer D

5252612 I did some fansubs for Digimon Adventure, and worked on the dub for 02 and Tamers

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