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FoE ABC: Dangers of the Wasteland... · 7:22pm March 15th

This was a fun group project where numerous authors created chapters from the ABCs featuring short stories in the Fallout Equestria universe.

TFallout Equestria ABC: Dangers of the Wasteland
Surviving in the Wasteland is as easy as ABC... or is it?
Doomande · 75k words  ·  26  3 · 171 views

I will be a bit shameless and say that I wrote one of these chapter, T for Train, however please do enjoy the other chapters as well. All the authors worked really hard on this project.

If you could, take a look at the chapter I contributed and tell me what you think. If enough people like it, I might change the story to first person and expand upon the setting created in that chapter. However, I want to know it is worth my time exploring. After all, as much fun as it might be to write the story, it's no fun if no one else can enjoy it too.

In a week or two, I will be posting the story by itself on my user page and see how well it does by itself.

I hope you all enjoy. :twilightsmile:

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