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Guess what boios? Techie's entire school district is closed for 2 weeks, and he realized AFTER getting home that he left his nice wireless mouse at school! · 10:38pm Mar 13th, 2020

Well, RIP that thing for two weeks, I guess.

Back to my old wired mouse it is. Just gotta get used to the slightly sticky left click that it's had ever since I first got the thing.


Also, my friend's mom may or may not have Covid-19 from her boss. Nobody knows, because there aren't enough tests! Yaaaaaaaay.

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My school's closed too. Currently in the process of lying to myself that I'll use these two weeks to be productive. :/
Hope your friend's mom is okay.

What kind of mouse did you leave at school? And I have realized that, after using nice $50+ mice that yes a good mouse makes a world of difference. Then again, I use it mainly to pkay Rainbow, so...

5 button logitech wireless mouse. It's very nice for using in CAD work and playing some minecraft.

Yeah, your use seems to be a little more technical than my use, but we can still agree that a good mouse is nice.

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