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There are mostly legitimate reasons for me being awake at this hour. · 9:22am March 8th

Reasons like "Binging Jojo's Bizzare Adventure."

But I digress!

As, in my mildly sleep-deprived state, I have had An Idea(tm).

As, y'see, if you're lucky enough not to be on twitter (seriously, the place is a dumpster fire), you're probably unaware of the best (and perhaps only good thing?) on twitter: The Midnight Society. It's a goofy riff on various horror authors, vaguely inspired by an old Nickelodeon show ... and it is goddamn hilarious. Especially when J.K. Rowling starts talking about how real wizards shit their pants robes.

Which, after a couple beers and the wrong side of 4am, I got to wondering: "What if that ... but pony?"

Which, uh. Actually would be harder to do, the more I think about it. Mostly 'cause there aren't quite as many pony-fic-authors to draw from? Like, I guess Monochromatic would incessantly ship RariTwi, and Aragon would swear a lot in Spanish, and ... I dunno, Kkat would just not shut up about Fallout? But, like, not the good Fallout. (Which is to say, New Vegas). Or ... well, is there even a 'canon' of fanfic authors these days? Or are we all damned to be forgotten before long?

Still, it's an interesting thought experiment, or something. The real trick would be finding the right tone, to be satirical, but not mean, I guess? After all, "Friendship" is right there in the title of the show, right?

In all likelihood, it's not something I'm probably gonna mess around with, but you should all absolutely go read The Midnight Society anyway.

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Comments ( 8 )

It'd be funnier without the obnoxious political jabs. PoliticsTwitter is worst Twitter.

Especially when J.K. Rowling starts talking about how real wizards shit their pants robes.

Wait, that wasn't just a ProZD joke?

In all likelihood, it's not something I'm probably gonna mess around with

Also it would be against the rules to publish it as a story.

No, she really did say at some point that before modern plumbing wizards would just shit where they stood, then clean up with Vanishing Charms. It's like her second most infamous Word Of God in between "Dumbledore is gay" and "there is one magic school for all of North America".

"But guys. Hear me out: Card games."
"We know, FoME."
"And Derpy Hooves."
"We know, FoME."
"Did I mention shipping technicolor human nerds?"
"Not in the last three minutes."

"So, FoME's mentioned card games, Mono's insisted on RariTwi, DrakeyC shared Sunset fanart, and Admiral Biscuit's done another "casual pony on Earth". Just need Flutterpriest to shill The Barcast and I get a bingo!"

And let's not forget Biscuit assailing PresentPerfect with bats again.


Pssh. That's nothing. Apparently Rowling released a map of the various magic schools, and there's ONE school that covers all of India and China.

Y'know, just the two most populous countries in the world. No biggie.

Yeah that map/list is where that's from. I was talking in terms of how much outraged buzz they generated, and Ilvermony was what most people were talking about from what I can tell. Maybe the outrage about the Asian school was all on Weibo and Indian Twitter.

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