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Rarity; Master Jewel Thief...Oh yeah...this is gonna be a thing I do · 5:25am Feb 26th, 2020

Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge Sly Cooper fanboy and after having not played the games in awhile and written something more action and drama centric? I have gotten a slight itch for that and this picture was all the fuel I needed to get inspiration going again. If anyone wishes to aid me in this story please let me know.

So far I have a few basic ideas. Like of course Rarity's character wouldn't be a selfish or evil jewel thief. Quite the contrary. She would be a dashing rouge type, only stealing from the high elites and or those who horde their wealth selfishly. However if she finds herself bored and in need of a challenge she will scout out worthy targets that pique her very high class interest.

Her crew would consist of the following

Twilight Sparkle: Hacker, tech support specialist.

Rainbow Dash: Muscle & Getaway Driver

on the other side of that you would have Applejack who would be the straightforward honest to goodness cop who has a very grey outlook on crime and criminals unlike the rest of her department. She's a rookie but a well trained and strong one at that.

Her partner would be detective Sunset Shimmer. Veteran Detective and CSI.

Pinkie Pie would be the owner of a famous pastry shop and Fluttershy would be a damsel in distress/hostage type character who is the owner of a collection of exotic pets making them both targets for Rarity at first.

As for who the main villain would be I haven't quite narrowed that down however I have a couple ideas



A dragon type villain(dragons are greedy and horde things)

The diamond Dogs(they would be a criminal gang with a defined leader)

Cozy Glow(super evil spoiled rich kid)

Starlight Glimmer (She steals something personal of Rarity's that's the equal to her cutie mark)

Trixie(Begins as a villain then reforms and joins the rouges team later)

The Dazzlings(some kinda musical scheme or scam)

I have at least one more but I'll keep that one a secret because I don't wanna spoil a potential plot twist that would be SO amazing to see people's reaction too if I fully decided to commit to this story.

So let me know if you guys wanna see that and I will try and make it happen.

Comments ( 15 )

Still gonna finish your Sunlight story?

Ok that sounds like a fun story.

Do this please! Most of those villains could be like the Fiendish Five:
Raleigh as Cozy Clow (spoiled rich kids)
Rover the Diamond Dog as Muggshot (doggos)
Chysalis/Starlight/Trixie as Mz. Ruby (witches)
Tirek as the Panda King (Buff guffs who use fire)
Sombra as Clockwerk (Ancient monstrous evil, maybe Rarity is a descendant of the EQG equivalent of crystal ponies?)

That sounds pretty sick. :pinkiehappy:

Its creative ideas like that I need! DM me if you wanna help more

…………… so when do we see rarity in a skin tight suit?:ajsmug:

Silly idea, Sunset being an ex-crminal/brutal gang leader when she was younger. Never caught and kept her identity secret, then she mellowed down (an accident maybe?) and started to work for the law. Ashamed of her past. Though I guess it would not be main focus.

And just puttng it out there Shining Team A's ally and unaware of his LSBFF's "work", right?

If enough people want that and I get enough help? Soon

I have a idea similar to that in the works for this story. DM me if you wish to be apart of the process

:yay: can't wait then.

Ohh, and Do you think about putting magic in there (like modern world with spells, potions, runes and magical creatures) or a magic free story?

Oh trust me magic always plays a part in any story I write be it symbolic or literal. Some of the items Rarity steals happen to be enchanted.

Kindna late but I thought about the tcn1205 picture. Then I thought that there is no Pinkie Pie. Then I thought who would be Pinkie in a Universe where HuMane 7 are thieves and law upholders. Then I thought about Shoeshine Johnny from Police Squad- guy knows everything and will tell you about it—for a price. (He can even tell you about the afterlife.)


Sorry if I'm interrupting.

Not at all, all ideas are welcome

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