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Hollywood Clearly Doesn’t Want Video Game Films to Succeed · 11:21pm February 20th

Okay, remember how I said I’d post tomorrow? Well, I’m posting today. You’ll get a post tomorrow. This news I just received ... Well, it set me off, and a post had to be made.

I saw Sonic the Hedgehog over the weekend. And you know what? It was actually pretty dang good! But you know why? Only because Paramount reacted to the massive and rightly earned horror the public recoiled with upon seeing their “improved” version of the iconic character.

Seriously. Remember this abomination of terror? The redesign of a classic character that Paramount did only because they apparently wanted to “prove” they could do it better?

Here’s what Sonic actually looks like in the games, by the way, so you can see how badly they screwed it up:

Only after being absolutely flattened by angry and horrified responses from the general public did Paramount push the film back and decide to change the final film into something actually resembling the the character whose name they were using, giving us this:

Which, you’ll agree is a lot closer to the actual design of the character whose film again, they claimed they were making. You know, they just wanted to improve it.

So why am I talking about this (and exposing you to the horrors of Paramount’s “improvement”)? I mean, I didn’t even get into the absolutely awful choice of music for the first trailer, but I digress.

So why talk about this? Because I firmly believe at this point that Hollywood is doing its best to damage every video game property they can get their hands on. Why?

To damage the competition.

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Frankly, the fact they set the movie on real-world Earth instead of, y'know, Mobius was all it took to kill the idea of a Sonic the Hedgehog movie for me. Of course, the games screwed up too by putting actual, normal humans in the series (which begs the question of what freaky lab accident made Robotnik and his grandfather look the way they do).

Still, it's been well enough received that I'd be willing to rent it when it leaves theaters and see what the hubbub is about.

Spoiler alert so ...
You actually do see Mobius in the first few minutes (and it's pretty grand). Sonic ends up on Earth while running from ... well, I won't spoil that, but he's been running from world to world his whole life. Turns out Earth is just kind of a backwater and we're largely ignored. He's actually around 12 or 13 here, rather than his later age, and the film is almost an origin film for Robotnik than anything else. So yeah, it's weird, but kind of works, as Earth is just the latest stop in his running and ends up getting complicated.

Ouch... just... someone find the idiot for the horrlywood script and double tap them.


Doesn't the idea of Sonic's world being called "Mobius" belong to Ken Penders?

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