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An update! · 1:21am January 26th

I vaguely recall reading somewhere that one shouldn't post stuff on FiMfiction on the weekends, because nobody'll read it then. Like, folks are either out and about being social on the weekend (I've been told it happens!) or they're too busy uploading their OWN fanfics. Or something.

But! I'm stubborn and jaded and iconoclastic, dangit, so I not only shall POST a story on the weekend, but I shall END said story on the weekend, too!

(Not like anyone was gonna read it anyway).

But yeah! Finished up We Deserve a Happy Ending, so I hope the whole three of you reading it will enjoy! It was kind of tricky, changing gears from the faster paced previous chapter that kept switching between IC and OOC, and going to something more quiet and subdued, but ... well, I think it came out okay?

The important part is that the story is DONE, because I need to get better about finishing stuff I start. And, uh, I've done that! Yey. And now that I've got this fanfic done, I don't have any excuses not to work on this so-called 'original fiction' thing that I've been poking at for the last few months. The good news is that I've been averaging at least 500-1000 words a day since Jan 1st ... though those words haven't necessarily been on the same project. (Hence the fanfic writing here). But hey, practice is practice, and progress is progress, right?

... I've also been playing Horizon: Zero Dawn for the last coupla weeks, which might not be best thing for my productivity. Ehem.

And despite the slightly elegiac tone, and despite the fact that 50 is a nice even number of pony stories, I don't think I'll be retiring from FiMFiction juuust yet. As one of these days I'm at least gonna have to write up Sentry's Last Stand, for the whole ... I dunno, four people who are following that series. Or what's even more likely is that I'll come up with some dumb joke premise for a story about magic talking ponies and then I'll structure that into something that'll blow up the feature box.

So, y'know, stay tuned! And if you're feeling REALLY nice, you can go on and read some of my old stuff you haven't read already and leave a little comment, 'cause that little bell-alert-icon thingie releases way too much dopamine in my brain.

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Comments ( 5 )

I really enjoyed reading We Deserve a Happy Ending. Thank you for providing a sweetly meta story for the EG franchise and its fans. :pinkiesmile:

And expect comments from me about your Flash Sentry series sometime in the future, I've got it bookmarked and have been making plans to get all caught up on it!

I also really enjoyed it. And I think it depends on your demographic, I admit I basically live on here but the weekend is when I can do most of my reading.

is among the MANY followers of the Sentry saga

*GASP!* You risk-taker, you!


Like Darkstarling, the Sentry Papers are the main reason I am following... so we are 50% of your readership, right here, right now! :pinkiehappy:

I know realistically we are only 1% of those following the Papers but, hey, being 50% of your supposed four readers makes us seem important, eh?

You'd better keep writing Flash Sentry stories!

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