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I might have to delay the next chapter again. · 11:41pm Jan 16th, 2020

To everyone waiting for the next chapter of "Letters to Cozy Glow", I might have to delay it again, in the worst case by a couple days. I had a pretty bad, personal incident today I need to recover from, so my mind is not really focused on writing right now. I'm sorry. I'll let you know when the chapter will come.

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You do delays, I do delays, everyone does delays. Another reason why I’m not doing another chapter story any time soon, especially of how people lose interest in the later chapters.

No problem. I am used to delays on stories I enjoy.

Its fine, better late than Never

Sorry to hear you're having trouble, take as much time as you need.

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Thank you. Yes, but delays should ideally not happen. They reflect badly on a story and badly on me as a writer. Sadly, I could not avoid this one because of the sudden hammerblow I got on Thursday. But things look better now and the problem has become resolved after some heartache and it looks sunny again now. The chapter will probably not come this week anymore, but next Thursday should be back to normal.

Don't break your head about it, it happens, we can't change that.

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