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    3k! Rose Tint AMA

    It is what is says on the tin! I am collecting questions for an in character AMA special after the next chapter! Ask him whatever questions you like, about anything you like! If you have questions for any other characters, you can throw them in as well, maybe they will answer! Ask as many as you like, And I will pick as many as i can to give a reply! Comment your question down below if you've got

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    Poll Results!

    Well, I set the poll going for about two hours and we have some clear winners, here are your eligible bachelorettes!

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    Shipping Poll!

    Due to an overwhelming demand for several characters, and the fact that my story is quite flexible in this area, I have decided to put it to a poll! Top results will get top consideration, so go and vote for your favorite waifu!

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    2.5k New Discord Server, a Blast from the Past!

    So uhm yeah holy shit. Did not expect this much traction at all. But if i am getting it i might as well make the most of it! and that means making this fanfic as enjoyable as i can for everyone!

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    1.5k! Still Getting Warmed Up : 3

    Okay first of all, yall nasty

    I see this spike in reader retention. Some of y'all only read the chapter with the fucc.

    Thats very funny tbh. Go right on ahead and beat your meat to my colorful horse words. If you like the way i write the seccs i do occasionally take requests, and i also take commissions

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1000 Views! Featured Story! Cutie Mark Contest Over, No Winner :( · 8:26am January 10th

Yes, it is quite the mixed bag this evening! Thank you, every last one of you for reading my story. The fact that I have seen such audience growth in such a short time is very humbling. I am already working on part 8 chapter 5 as we speak, where i will hopefully be introducing our first antagonistic force as well as getting some...exciting events going.

Speaking of exciting events, I am sadly having to cancel my cutie mark contest. It is not a loss of great consequence considering I have had no entries, but there will likely be similar contests in the future! The reason I have canceled is because after listening to some choice music and having a moment of great inspiration, I know exactly what I want his cutie mark to be.

In other news, I will be commissioning the artist who did my cover art to do illustrations for my story here and there. If you enjoy my cover art, check out the description of my story to get her pricing info and show her some love. Shes a huge sweetheart.

I am however, still accepting ocs! If you have an oc that you would like to see brought to life by my mediocre fingers in digital text, please feel free to send me a reference sheet in my dms!

I am also looking for someone to edit my story! I can pay ten-twenty dollars monthly. I understand that is very little considering y current level of output, but I am unfortunately spreading my entertainment budget a bit thin for this project as it is.

Anyway, I have some sleeping to do, followed by some writing. new chapter is about 20 percent finished. Till then!

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Well, I'm waiting with baited breath and popcorn.

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