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Important decision for Project 131 · 6:28am Nov 20th, 2019

I am working on Project 131 a group of tanks are sent into Equestria by Discord's Will So Which would you prefer the main characters be

Ponies with armor suits

Or anthro(or human) with armor set

P.S I dont own any of these images they are just for image to go with concept

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The sentient tank and go on youtube can search tank cartoons the tanks can be like that. You should look at the youtube channel called gerand the tanks can be like that

sentient tanks sounds pretty cool


I might remove that one just cuz I dont personally like it. What tanks would you like in the series We've got a KV-2 so far and thats it

a Churchill or a Panzer IV would be nice

For the American that can be Easy 8 Sharman
For the British a Churchill
For France the char B1
For japan dont no how to spell there tanks names
Same for Italian
Germany the panter or the pazner
What do you thing?

Ok known that i thing about it sentient tanks will be hard to right in a story becouse how big thare are and how small the ponys are and if the tank fall in love with ponys the KV-2 king of the derp most have is queen derpy


Okay E-8 sounds good
Churchill is good because the rivalry joke can be the germans calling it Gramps since its built for the wrong kind of warfare like the TOG, I was thinking of the German's using the LOWE(Lion), Italy the 14/41 i think will fit and the yank call it spamcan or Rivet, Japan thye can joke as always not planning enough when angry.

I got names that I've been thiking of

American (Sherry cuz sherman)
Churchill(Not really needed to change)
Italy(Verona after the province)
Germany(Leopold or Fredric)
Russian(Katyusha cuz the song)

The ponies with armor looks, to me, like a better option than the Anthro/Human with armor option. The name for the German tank should be Leopold, since you were thinking of using the LOWE(Lion) as the German tank. Other wise a solid list of names for the different tanks.

This part is a posible armor design that came to me after looking at the picture above. If you use the Ponies with Armor approach, there could be two weapons one on each shoulder. One being a a light weapon, an MG or something. The other a miniaturized version of the tanks main gun. When firing the main gun stabilizing plates/spikes shoot into the ground so that they don't go flying backwards because of the recoil of the main gun. The helmet having a scope like optic on the same side that the main gun is on to help with sighting targets. Though now that I think about it if you go with this design there should be a gag where Churchill doesn't know about the stabilizers and goes flying backwards when firing the main gun for the first time. IDK just something to think about.

Also here is an idea for the Japanese tank if you haven't gotten one yet, the Type 97 Shinhoto Chi-Ha


I revealed the models of Project 131's designs so II hope you like. (If you would like them as Anthros instead let me know and I'll put that in the description

Its in the new blog Post I used the designs from a game called Panzer WAltz, but just imagine them as anthros rather than humans.

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