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Update and Question for the Fans · 11:19pm May 19th, 2020

Hey everyone,
So as you now know, H-44 is on hiatus at the moment. It isn't dead, just not active currently. With this, I began looking at several pilot ideas and even posted some in the Prototype collection. However I realized something, out off all of the various ideas, few have been critiqued by y'all. So I've got a legitimate question for you all. Do you like the Collection? Do you think any of the ideas in it work? or do you not like the anthology style and want me to do something else when posting pilots. currently, the anthology has less than 100 views, but i cannot tell why. This is important to know because the reason the collection exists was for pilots that I would hope be asked to continue, but the viewership just isnt their and it makes me fear that ya'll dont want any new stories. Please tell me your response in the comments below

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For me it's anthology I guess, never liked idea of a story just being mass of other stories but I'll check it out later

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