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    hey everybody. So recently I've been having a lot of different ideas, but I'm not sure if you want them. The reason being that they are all anime based and i don't know if ya'll like that. So, I decided to post here some of the basic ideas and see which ya'll would like.

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    Question for future stuff

    Do you want a with a hero main character or a villain main character?Option c is Anti hero/Vigilante

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Question for future stuff · 6:06am Apr 10th, 2020

Do you want a with a hero main character or a villain main character?Option c is Anti hero/Vigilante

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Villain or anti hero would be good

Realistic or fantasy. Like magic villain or classic knife wielding villain. Also pony or not pony

On magic or not, that depends but both would be cool, could be like Jeff the killer but with telekinesis, Realistic (can be but I don't mind if things are a bit insane wacky) sure a Pony works

I mean I did write a creepypasta based character named Ash the Immolated. He kills sinners and has manipulation of ash. His powers also include body possession by entering his ash into ones bloodstream and the ember ability which heats his body to fresh embers making him hot to the touch

That could work, you can always change him to fit story

i mean its in the prototypes if you wanna see what needs tweaking before actual release

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