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The new MLP series. · 11:15pm Nov 14th, 2019

Looks hideous.

I’m sure the storytelling and characterisation will carry the pfffffhahahaha!

I hope those spots near AJ’s mouth are freckles. Otherwise, she might need to see a doctor.

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Comments ( 12 )

Yeah, the art style is certainly... interesting, to be optimistic.

Though honestly as long as the change in personality/story isn’t as jarring and awful as Teen Titans Go, I think I may be able to try and handle it.

And as long as it’s a single little mini series and not gen 5, I will be fine with. I like to think that the money they save on this will go to that.

This is the child friendly G5...let's see what they give the older audiences...:pinkiecrazy:

It's almost like entertainment sucks on purpose these days.
Although, many people say Hasbro is broke and just wants some quick cash.

From what I read (somewhere) this is supposed to be chibi versions of the Mane 6.

Well, pardon my confusion on this, but I was under the impression that "chibi" forms of characters were supposed to be cute.

These. Ain't. Cute.

I just expect it will be overtly and annoyingly "Wacky", with the art style, the cutting of episode run times, and the shift toward Sugar Cube Courier as the main setting. So all character development, story depth and world building ignored. This show is nothing but an official parody of FIM.

Yeah I am with you here.

I saw a redesign of Applejack once, I was told that it was an idea for G5, and I gotta say Painted-horse Applejack looked very good.

then I heard that Twilight was to become an Earth pony, which felt weird for me to imagine.

But if this really is the art-style for G5, I'd much rather have Earth pony Twilight.

So you won't be incorporating this spinoff into the upheaval canon either?

I used to think that what happened to MLP was a tragedy. But now I realise, it's a comedy.

I saw this yesterday and hoped it was fake. Seems like it isn't though. This reminds me of Teen Titans Go...I feel the urge to vomit now.

Well, shit.

I think I'll stick with FiM and fanfiction unless everyone will be like omagawd it's great. But I doubt that's what would happen

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