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Fic recommendation & life stuff · 3:04pm Oct 21st, 2019

Hey everybody!

The past few months have been a blur. But for starters, I read this fic I'd really like to reccomend:


Reaping Rainbow, by The Hat Man. It's quite quite playful, a bit of a black comedy, and references a whole bunch of works, including the recently deceased Terry Prachett (making me want to read his material, as I love the humor used here). It is rated T, but I believe we're allowed to share those on Fimfic. Anywho, check it out!

So... The Last Bronycon has gone by and MLP: FiM is officially over after 9 years. Do I think FiM is dead? Nope, but it's still an okay time to feel sad and reflect on everything. Where I was when I first discovered the series is not where I am now, and yet 9 years prior I had not changed too much. Guess that's a consequence of growing up. I've gone from 27 to soon to be 36 during this time. That's staggering XD

I do wish MLP had gone on for 10 seasons, though the comics are certainly going to make up for lost time. Say what you will, if you feel this is just a ploy to sell more comics and bank off the show's finale... I will certainly be checking them out.

Also, this totallly didn't made me fricken cry or anything:


* * *

So a lot of things have happened. In the past I mentioned the project put together for Coping With Limitations Through Ponies where I did the assisted audio version of Snowdrop in time for Bronycon. That went quite well. After that, well...

Another project I was working on was the purchasing of my current house. I came home and did just that. It's a very surreal feeling to no longer be renting. With this type of comfort, however, comes a greater concern for the future and stability, which is something I'm going to have to adjust into. This is something I never saw possible, but my family and my stable job have helped this become a reality. Couldn't have done it without either ^^

I also adopted a cat who was a stray. He's just a few months old and is really quite the loving little guy, albeit maybe a tiny bit needy. He just wants to cuddle, primarily, which I'm down with... though, unfortunately, he is almost completely mute. My family and I feel he's likely suffered an injury or ate something poisonous while feral. We got him at the right time, I feel, to socialize him, and he'll eat just about anything, which is kinda nice. He went from a beanpole to plump in a matter of weeks.

* * *

So, concerning fics... I'll admit they haven't been my highest priority lately, but they have been being worked on. I know this probably sounds kind of lame, but I feel like I've been really distracted lately with stuff.

The Bubbly Mare has taken the highest priority and I've got the next chapter written, it just needs heavy editing. Reading this chapter, it's... well, one of those things where I'm unable to suspend my disbelief for a few events. It just needs restructuring.

As an aside I've got another story nearly done featuring my favorite memorizing psychopathic witch Buttercup. It's got the name Making Honey and I hope to have it out before Halloween. Knowing my trackrecord, no promises there XD

My biggest issue, I think, with writing is actually finishing stories. There's a lot to wrap up and I feel a lot of intensity towards the end of the stories. Part of me wants to end them rightly *unscrews sword pommel* and the other part just doesn't want them to end. I think I often want to offset this feeling by starting a new one, but there's an old Asian adage about a squirrel or a rabbit dropping all the food he's got when he sees something new on the ground that looks really good. That's not a good way to live and I don't want to look back at these things in four years thinking "I started this story with the ending in mind, everything leading up to it, and I never got there and there's so much more to tell." They are just fan fics, but I enjoy writing them, and I'm happy people enjoy reading the words I've smashed together.

* * *

From here I'm just gunna try to be mellow and take things as they come. I'd say I'm in a transitional phase, adjusting to things as they happen, and at worst maybe clinging a bit too tightly to routine lately. It's how it goes ^^

Hope everyone's groovy.

Peace! :eeyup:

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There's nothing wrong with 'routine'. I rely on having one probably to a fault but always feel better when I feel some sense of 'order' and 'control' over life.

Your kitty sounds really nice. The 15 year old one at my place is kindest described as a sour-patch kid. However he's more sweet before going sour without warning. Definitely one curmudgeon of a kitty.

I'm so excited for how you are a homeowner. Right now I'm kind of going in an opposite direction. This is because I'd like to downsize to a smaller apartment due to how hard it is for me to keep up the one I still retain post divorce.

I'm glad you are making progress with Bubbly Mare and Buttercup's next exciting adventure. It is also neat to see how they apparently verified an 'Apple Dash' ship in the finale. :)

Take your time with your tales while getting life in a more manageable order. A lot of my writing has suffered as I've been making transitions but, like you, I'm getting back in the swing of things. Good work and, more importantly, fun stories should never be rushed. :)


Thanks for your support, Yosh. In time life'll settle down and get more predictable. Just trying to go with the flow, as I think is best.

Hope things're going well in your world :eeyup:

I've made the mistake of wanting to rush a few of stories in the past and, generally, that's not worked in my favor. Leave & learn ^^

Also, AppleDash rocks my world. Plus Ashleigh Ball apparently said she'd be down with the pair being a couple. Awesomesauce.

Thanks again :)

Good luck with life and all that. we talked years ago in Dm randomly lol


Thanks and likewise dude :eeyup:

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