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*blows dust off* · 11:37pm July 16th

Wowzers, it's been a long time :twilightblush:

Where to start, where to start...

Lemme start by saying I'm well. My family's well, too, though it was touch-and-go for my elderly mother for a while... not because of Covid, but because of dementia and Parkinsons, which are two rather scary things to deal with. She came near the end, but though a lot of hard work we all pulled together -- even through the pandemic -- I had family members from around the US getting together to help with her well-being. It was nice and she's back on a healthier track.

There's a good chance I got Covid in early 2020, before they knew what it was, and I was sicker than I've been in twelve years. It ate its way through my family -- my father could barely breath, mom lost her sense of taste and smell for a while, and I felt like there was a swamp in my chest that didn't get better with rest. It lasted about a week but I think I might've had some lingering effects, particularly brainfog and my gait was a little off for a while. I'm having a slight word-finding problem since but it's gotten better. I've had an anti-body test that came back negative, but the doctor even says it's quite possible I had it.

After a fairly long period of deliberation I decided to get vaccinated -- I went with the Pfizer, and I got the second dose at the beginning of this week. Both knocked me on my butt with a lot of fatigue and the first one had me feeling quite unwell, but the second one seemed to come on stronger and fade quicker. I feel fine now.

I'm fortunate in that I work for a non-profit and we're doing well financially that we're able to hire on new people and give everyone hours. For those curious I do data entry, appraise valuables, take care of the library, and help mentor those with disabilities. As an aside, I also got my license, so I can drive now, which is a big thing, as... well, it took me quite a few years to get it.

Towards the pandemic... at first it had me curious, but now I'm feeling fairly blank towards it. It's killed a lot of people, it's made it difficult for people who love each other or are in families to get together because of international barriers; countries with poorer health care systems it seems to be somewhat rampant in, mutating. It's just... not good. I hope everyone is well ^^

It seems like the pandemic is dying, but I don't know and it seems they don't know. So I'm just going to remain optimistic everything's going to go well. It's all I can do. Be optimistic ^^

It does suck that my time measurement has literally been 2010-2019 super pony fun times, 2019-???? pandemic, but something will come along to take its place... hopefully much better :rainbowdetermined2:

I've been keeping up with the weights, martial arts, and gaming. For a while I stopped the first two and got kinda fat... it was funny to look in the mirror and want to ask how many months along I was :rainbowlaugh:

* * *

Concerning this site and all my works on it...

Though MLP:FiM's over by more than a year I've no desire yet to close the book on Brony stuff. It's because it's still fun for me -- to create and share, and imagine, and check out other people's work. Rather than writing I've largely been drawing lately, which is a new adventure, and even trying a bit at animation.

It's been a while since I've written on here, but I don't plan on leaving yet and if I do I'm leaving my account open and all my stories visible. Once work is published... it's really not my place to take it away, even though it's mine, it's separate from me and I can't take it down.... unless it's in violation or something, then I've got to follow the guidelines of the site and try to post it somewhere else if I can XD

Part of the reason I've been favoring drawing over writing lately, aside from it being a new thing and a pretty serious physical disability keeping me from learning it for the longest time... is the odd hours my mom's been keeping and the fact that I can't really settle down and focus like I used to. I know that sounds lame, but her health... pretty well destroyed me and my dad for a while there. It was bad, and she was all I was thinking about, to the point I started resenting the situation (and almost her tangentially). Not to get too technical, but for me writing is associative but also cognitive, whereas drawing starts out cognitive but becomes associative over time. Associative means my mind can just go blank... I've the image sketched out, rather than asking myself if I want to use this word or that over and over, I'm bringing shape to something that's rough, and learning through trial and error. As well as books. Lots of books. I need to stop thinking, and that may be a symptom of the stress, anxiety, and depression... which I'll be seeing my doctor about, and I'm sure he's been hearing from people a lot about that lately.

So yeah.... hope everyone's doing okay, as well as all your families and friends. Just writing this to assure everyone I ain't dead or abandoned this fanfiction website. MLP's cancellation sucked, but it's good to see people still seem really inspired to just have fun and run with ideas they've seen in the show and their own stuff.

Peace :eeyup:

-Wayward Pony

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Glad to hear you're still kicking and that things are on the up and up. Good luck on your adventures into the visible medium - there's lots to explore there!


Thanks and thanks!

Drawing is fun and new. Gunna take it slow :twilightblush:

I'm doing good, glad to hear that you are too.

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