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Patreon · 6:00pm Oct 18th, 2019

Well, it looks like I finally broke down and made a patreon account.


Now, let me clear up a few things.

> Will I be doing anything special for it?
No, but I'll continue pumping out stories like nobody's business. Think of this as a glorified tip-jar. If you like my stuff, and want to toss me some loose change, I'd be more than thankful! If you don't want to give me anything, no problemo! Hell, I appreciate y'all for just reading my stuff and egging me on to make more!

>If I'm not going to offer rewards, why should folks join?
I'll level with you, I do this as a hobby. That being said, there are a few things that I'm going to need in the all-too-near future. My biggest concern is that my computer, which is pushing 9 years old, is going to need to be replaced. Any/all contributions will be used to build a new rig and, once that's finished, likely be spent on necessities around my house or life bullshit.

>Am I an asshole for starting this?
I would like to think I'm not. As I said before, I'm looking at it like a tip-jar. Do I need extra money? No, not really. Could I use some extra money? Yes, because I live alone and have no support network to help with expenses.

Anyhow, with all that out of the way, I did want to say something.

Patreon support or not, I appreciate all of you. Yes, all 2,500 + of you.
If it wasn't for your support, views, upvotes, and comments, I'm not sure I'd be doing this.
You're all a bunch of lovely degenerates and you all fuel the licentious fires of the clop forge.

Stay frosty all you dudes and dudettes!

Yours always,

Some Leech

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Comments ( 6 )

Wow this nerd has a Patreon, absolutely disgusting. Sure hope nobody donates so he gets muns every month. :moustache:

Nothing wrong with a tip jar for hard work. Granted, I'm too broke to donate, otherwise I'd be hitting people up here that are taking commissions!

ew how dare you ask for money no strings attached even tho you make stuff for free and will continue to. :moustache:

You're all a bunch of lovely degenerates and you all fuel the licentious fires of the clop forge.

You're too kind.

good luck champ! i might donate let's see if i can settle down then we can talk!

It's about time... :heart:

*Unzips Wallet*

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