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To The Most Wonderful Show... · 12:50am Oct 15th, 2019

I just don't know where to begin when talking about this show that has meant so much to me all these years...

My Little Pony was... my savior. On multiple occasions, when life was too much to bear, I had this show to turn to, where I could laugh and cry with the characters, fangirl at my favorite moments and watch it over and over again and never get bored. This show was more than just a show to me: it was freedom, a shelter, and friendship. I've met one of my dearest, most wonderful friends thanks to this show. I discovered my true passion, writing, thanks to this show. I learned English thanks to this show. I grew up as a person thanks to this show.

Where do you find such a beautiful show with so realistic, relatable characters, with good morals for children and parents and just practically everyone? Enjoyable, funny, My Little Pony has it all. And now it's over.

I was sad when I knew it was going to end, but when I saw the season finale... my heart was satisfied. It was the perfect way to close the show. Showing the creatures, even those who weren't the nicest, coming together to help those who before had helped them multiple times, united through Friendship... I cried at the sight.

So yeah, MLP is over, but it'll be in our hearts forever. The lessons we've learned... the lessons I've learned... they will forever be with us.

I'm not going anywhere. Even if the show is over, this fandom is home for me. I know a lot of people will be leaving, but at least I am not going anywhere.

That's what I wanted to say. Oh, and remember...

Friendship is Magic!

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I won't this fandom either, it's become an awesome part of my life :pinkiesad2:

What you wrote is just spot on. I wouldn't have said better about how amazing this show is and has been to all of us. Just like you, I won't be going anywhere. My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic will stay with me forever, no matter how good or bad could be the other generations, this one is very special to us and it won't change.
Also, I'm very glad that we met here thanks to our dear pastel talking ponies. You're the sweetest, most amazing person I've ever encountered :heart::rainbowkiss:

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