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SOS! The School Vampire has arrived again... · 12:21am Jun 1st, 2020

Classes began already in my little corner of the world :ajsleepy: I'm three weeks into the school period but I am already dying I swear to god...


I hate online classes. I am a very dedicated student and very dedicated to my grades, and I like studying if I am honest, I like knowing stuff. I like research and learning new things. But the online format... GOD. It's SO tedious. I swear to god I stood up more often at real school. "Keep your cameras on" "Turn off the mic" "I will call anyone at any time to make sure you're listening"... UGH. They didn't make such a fuss in the classrooms. And my current family situation is NOT making things easier :unsuresweetie:

I at least have an embarrassing-but-funny-story of leaving the mic on. I was playing Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery (because I recently got into Harry Potter) in my phone while the teacher made sure everyone was present. I forgot to turn off my mic after saying "Present" and got asked in the game which creature was in the Gryffindor badge (because my stupid brain mixed the Manticore and the Griffin and thought the griffin was the one with the lion head) so I asked my Gryffindor-eldest-brother out loud "Hey, what was in the Gryffindor logo? A lion or a griffin?" and my whole class heard. The teacher asked to my turn off the mic and pay attention, and a girl texted me to say it was a lion. I was burning red and my brother was laughing his head off.

I am a Hufflepuff by the way. My brother was SO disappointed I didn't get Gryffindor in the Wizarding World quiz :rainbowlaugh:

Anyway, online school began.

That put a tool on my writing time because I also have to look after my two-year-old sister all afternoon until my mom comes back home from work with my other older brother (for anyone who didn't know what happened to my family in December, go read this).

BUT the thing is coming along smoothly, I believe, and I'm currently working on a quite long scene that has me stuck there. It is, however, a VERY important scene for the story, so I don't have any intention to rush it. Let's not put quantity over quality.

As you know I now also have and Instagram page for my art I am trying to make work, so I have been posting a lot there was well to make things work. Art pages are HARD.

But all in all, the chapter is coming, hopefully soon :fluttershbad: Sorry for such a long wait, at least you can laugh a bit at my misfortune with online classes. If you can leave a comment on TSMOE, it really helps to keep me motivated :twilightsmile:

See you all soon!

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