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An Asian-American brony who is a fan of Spike, Discord, and Jackie Chan.

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    Happy New Year 2022

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  • 4 weeks
    Merry Christmas!

    And a Happy New Year!

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  • 10 weeks
    I'm BACK!

    Wow! It's good to be home. Universal Studios Orlando was awesome, like my friends had told me it would be.

    Seeing the rides and the attractions from YouTube are one thing, but actually experiencing the whole thing for myself was another. And I've captured the memories for posterity!

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    Going on vacation

    Just a heads up, to anyone reading this.

    Starting on Thursday, I’m going on a holiday, and I won’t be back home, until next week.

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    How'd this get started again?

    Happy a Halloween every bronies and pegasisters. But first, a question...

    I now get how the MordeTwi meme got started, but...what's the story with Rarity and giant crabs? How did this meme get started?

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It's the final count down! · 6:52pm Oct 11th, 2019

What the title says. Tomorrow is it. The grand finale of Season 9 with three episodes for the price of one.

Two for the defeat of Grogar, and the last one taking place in the future.

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Fingers crossed for a promising finale.

and at 4 today on Disc is a half hour interview with the cast on their final thoughts on the whole series

Comment posted by Phantom-Dragon deleted Oct 11th, 2019
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