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    Oh, P.K...


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The mare who kicked my ass · 11:38pm Sep 14th, 2019

Oh, P.K...


Why do you have such a bouncy trot?

My poor ass bones! :raritydespair:

My second riding lesson and I almost took a tumble. During 'post trotting' exercise (which I am terrible at, so far) this pretty mare was basically a trampoline and, laughing my ass off at how out-of-control I was, I lost the left stirrup and came very close to tumbling off. But, the important thing is that I was laughing and having a great time! I should have taken lessons when I was a teen I guess. I wanted to, but my father's bank account nixed the idea. Now that I have a few $$$ I decided to give it a go.

It's also research! The human protag of Honest Man, an HiE story I'm sloooowly writing, worked summers on his aunt's horse farm. Getting some hands-on experience with grooming, riding, etc. should help give his POV a little more depth.

Anyhoo... not much is new and I really need to buckle down and get some writing done. I've been very lazy lately and it's been far too long since I published.

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you may want to learn to post also. :scootangel:
discord made me do it.
posting is a blessing when trotting.

Next Friday I'll get another chance to either learn it, or get my bum thrashed again. Horse riding is a vast experience that I'm just getting to dip my toes into with these all-too-brief classes.

i will tell you i had a hard time learning to post.
now at the time i owned a 14 hand appaloosa mare that had a trot like a sledgehammer.

now some how i got it in my head that i was going to start riding in parades (witch i did and still do enjoy a hole bunch) i think it was the 4th or 5th parade i rode in ended up moving super fast (a bade storm coming in) witch ended up trotting for about 3/4 of a mile, let me tell you after you ass gets nice and tender you know kind of like ground beef i learned to post.
as of now some 40+ years latter and a bade back i am looking at getting back in to horses but i am thinking of a gated breed.
have fun and i will give you a bit of a hint a faster trout is easier to learn to post to and the first time you get it right will be amazing.

Last night I rode a more sedate gelding named Toby and I focused on relaxing, moving with him, and not gripping with my legs. It seemed to work better... though I'm still not posting. I tried hard, pushed myself to get up off the saddle, and I thought I was starting to get it. Then the teacher shot me down, saying, "Nice sitting trot!" >.<

stop trying to post push the horse to a faster trot and let the bounce throw you up higher all most like you are trying to bounce higher, hold it for one bounce before letting your self come back down.
trust me your ass will tell you when it is right.
the vary first time you get it right you will have a huge shit eating grin.

Thank you for the advice! I'll give it a try this evening... it my last lesson, for now.

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