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There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a pony in the depths of a Friendship binge.

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  • 50 weeks
    Still here, but...

    ...still not writing. :raritydespair:

    Hi. I still exist. I still intend to continue writing these silly pone fics. I'm just not sure when that's going to happen.

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    Quick Update

    Being antisocial has its advantages during days like these.

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    A word of advice.

    If you're annoyed that an author/artist/composer/etc. seems to have abandoned a story/comic/album that you enjoy, just send them a note asking if they're planning to return to it soon.

    Moaning comments and passive-aggressive tantrums are unkind and counter productive. :twilightsmile:

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    Pathetic whining

    My employers have asked me, and everyone else in the marketing department, to work from home for the next three weeks.

    On one hand: YAY! No wasting two hours of my life every day commuting.

    On the other: Boo! This will make writing ponefic even more difficult.

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    The mare who kicked my ass

    Oh, P.K...


    Why do you have such a bouncy trot?

    My poor ass bones! :raritydespair:

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Quick Update · 10:48am Aug 14th, 2020

Being antisocial has its advantages during days like these.

I'm still working from home. My employer has begun plans to have some staff return to the office in September, but it's voluntary. So I've happily volunteered to never, ever, ever return to the office - unless I absolutely have to. I do kind of miss downtown and my cow-orkers, but 3 hours a day wasted sitting in traffic...? F*ck that! :twilightangry2:

Not wasting my life commuting, you may imagine I'd have loooooots of time for writing.

Trouble is that after 9 hours of working at this desk, when I swap over to my personal laptop, the very last thing I want to do is sit at this desk and work! Even if it's on something I love. I have to get up, get away from this wall of monitors, bake, ride my stationary bike, stare out the window, anything but more sitting and typing. sigh

But I miss writing.

So, I've started waking up at 3-4AM and getting in some writing before exhausting myself in virtual meetings and coding emails & websites. I'm determined to finish my stories here, even if it takes a while. Sorry for not being one of those "a chapter a week" kind of authors. Writing is a meandering journey for me, with many stops and starts and backtracking and editing.

Thank you for your patience. :twilightsmile:

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