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BronyCon Post #1, The Plushening · 5:35am Aug 5th, 2019

I got me some new plushies.

Most are normal... but... well, here they are:
Here’s everyone.

From the Seabronies.

Time Turner was getting a little uppity, so I had Anonpencil sign him in her own unique way.


These ponies were from a stall that was selling 2 plushes for $20, a deal I couldn’t resist.

I’ll prolly post a little more when I’m not recovering from an 8 hour drive. But I hope the Plushening was as exiting for you as it was for me! :pinkiecrazy:

Comments ( 18 )

Those are some great plushies! Glad you made it back safe, too. It was a whirlwind trip but I’m glad we did it!

They thank you for being so kind. And they are pretty awesome. I have enough plushies now to have a shelf devoted to them, or a space where they can all talk and have tea...

I have a bookshelf dedicated to MLP plushes and other items, figures, cards ect. I call it my shrine of worship :twilightblush: :scootangel: :pinkiecrazy:

Have tea with them? Don't go Pinkamena on me

Ahem, they’re not a bag of flour, tin of turnips, or pile of rocks.

Those are in my study. :pinkiecrazy:

Do you make sure to bring cake? Madame Le-flour likes being treated as a the pinnacle of society :raritywink:

I don’t serve Madam Flour cake...

That would be cannibalism. :trollestia:

There is such a thing as flour-less cake

But where are you going to get all of the sweet, sweet gluten from?

Good point. The cake is mostly cream and frosting, thick cream, it's quite good

Sounds more like a pie. Like a cream pie.

It's in the shape of a cake and it's thick like a cheesecake

I always thought cheesecake was more like a pie.

well then yes it's more like a pie

But ... if that one shuts its whore mouth how's it gonna get your trap full?

I didn't realise they were selling Flufflepuff again this year.

Well, I probably didn't realise it because they were probably all sold out by the time I got into the marketplace because holy shit _10215 people_

They lasted until some time Saturday, I think. I got mine erm... Friday maybe? Could have been Saturday. Everything is a blur.

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