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BRONYCON, HO! · 5:00am August 1st

In twelve hours, I shall be on a flying machine, en-route to Baltimore.

I should probably sleep some before then.

But until then, a blog post!

So the good news is, I'm more or less packed. The bad news is, I ... still have no idea what I'll be doing for the duration of the con. Like, there are a handful of panels that seem pretty interesting, but other than that I guess I'll just hang out at Quills & Sofas? Wherever that is? Or, well, I'll find other ways to amuse myself. I'd better. I mean, this is a vacation, and all that.

Though it strikes me that the official US premiere of "The Last Laugh" is on August 3-- nevermind that you can stream the episode from Australian Pirates or whatever-- if BronyCon doesn't have a "Let's watch the new cartoon episode!" event on Saturday, then they are doing things wrong.

Oh, and once again, there will be a couple of copies of The Flash Sentry Papers available at Aquaman's Bronycon Bookstore, which means that TEN of you nerds will get real-live dead-tree collections of my work, so you can read my silly stories after the inevitable collapse of civilization and/or deletion of FiMfiction. So that's nice, right?

Anyway, I guess I'll see you there, nerds.

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Comments ( 5 )

I was surprised:

When I went to Bronycon two years ago that they didn't have a special "let's watch the new episode" event on the Saturday morning of the convention. So I had to adjourn to my hotel room that afternoon and watch "Fame and Misfortune" on my little laptop.

Have a good time in Baltimore!


There was a brief panic about nobody being able to find Quills and Sofas, but now rumor places it up on the third floor somewhere.

Why did I show up this early? An hour until registration is open, stuck standing in line until they open up. :applecry:

Author Interviewer

Not only do they not have a 'watch the episode' event, it airs in the middle of the RCL panel D:

See you there!


You guys'll just hafta:

Act the whole thing out, then.


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