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    New Group I Made, For Grogar Fans!

    Hey y'all, I decided to get off my butt and make a group!

    This is a group dedicated to stories about Grogar, Gusty the Great, or both. Because honestly, there aren't nearly enough of these.

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  • 13 weeks
    Red Little Reality Audio Reading!

    HOLY SH-

    I am absurdly happy and astounded by Tone Shift's AR talent; he turned a decently good fic into a masterpiece of atmosphere that honestly feels like it was written by somebody leagues above me.

    You can find the reading right here! DO IT IMMEDIATELY

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    Decided to draw the Everhood dood because bored

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    Thank Y'all So Much!

    How the heck does a random angst fic I wrote, 2 years out of experience, half-asleep, manage to make it 3rd in the featured list? I am astonished.

    Well, it's all thanks to you guys giving it the time of day, so thank you immensely! I really expected Post Mortem to just fade in and out of memory.

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    Some Shoutouts To Actually Good Stuff

    Okay so, I'm seeing some fam that make fics that actually deserve vastly more attention than they currently have (one of them being very new to the site, much love). So Imma shout out these bois in the hopes they get even a single more follower (since I can only follow once. :p)

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Oh Dear God · 10:27pm Jul 28th, 2019

Uhm, how and why did my last fic get over a thousand views? I mean, I'm super grateful (considering this is a one-shot and only the 7th I've made), I'm just curious WHY. I mean, what is so attractive about it? Besides being featured, I mean. It's not like it's well written in particular. I can and have done better. At least in my opinion.

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Because it was awesome? Led in well. Nice character interaction. Reproductive organ jokes... (:P) And a possible sequel. <edit> Oh and "Science!" also.


Awesome? I dunno if it was awe-inspiring. Maybe if you awe at my ineptness.

Led in well? Eh, I suppose. Imo, I've had better introductions, but I suppose it's subjective (certainly had worse endings, just look at Green Is Your Color. *wink wink)

Character Interaction? If by that you mean "dry logic and/or empty snark for 80%, and reproduction jokes for the other ones".

Repro organ jokes. I am very proud of those, which should give you some clue about my standards. I mean, I thought "She Wants The D" was funny, and that's the epitome of "sh*tpost."

Possible sequel? Possible I guess, if there's demand for it. I'm just not sure what I'd make it about though. I'm 50/50 on either one from the human's perspective and receiving the ponies' message, or one about analyzing the probe itself, and perhaps the Mane 6 (and Lyra, because why not) taking a look. Sunset maybe, even though I ruled that out earlier.

SCIENCE! Yes, science you can google in 5 seconds. I don't really know much about astronomy, and much less about probes and their construction or history.


Turn that frown, upsi- oh wait, can't do that on a keyboard.

Uhh, flip it then. :)

I thought it was interesting. Space stuff is both my profession and one of my hobbies, and any story that works to incorporate space stuff into pony stuff has a good chance of piquing my interest.

Side note, if you ever need a consultant for scientific accuracy or plausibility, I'd be happy to help. :twilightsmile:


I appreciate the offer, but I'd rather get it wrong and have people write angry comments about it. Much more fulfilling.

That's only a half joke, by the way.

I think the idea of something from humanities past sparking a story for pony words is an interesting concept. I dont usually like human in equestria stories but since its more of a relic than an interactive aspect I like the idea. Kinda like how some stories base equestria on earth but after humanity has disappeared but they still find some remnants of humanity's existence.


I have something planned in the future for a crossway between humanity and ponykind. It's hard to explain, but...

Well, I think the first line will sum it up best.

"The x-axis allows us to go left or right to parallel universes, the z-axis lets us go forward or backward in time. We know this, it is essential for time travel. But none have ever asked...

What happens if one goes up or down in time?"

It was well written, it was enjoyable, funny and easy to read, also posted in the wright time when everybody could see it, maybe chance, who knows, but as a "pony finding harmless human things from space" enthusiast, I find this fic the best I read this week.


I can dispute all those points, but I think I'll go for this.

I'm not sure whether to be proud of "best fic read" or offended by "this week."

Ah, I offend all the time. It all good in the hood.

Sorry I didn't mean to offend you.


Oh that was a joke. Just assume 95% of what I say is sarcasm.

Oh crap, now I feel stupid, sorry for apologizing, I'm not a smart cookie so what I meant was that there are many reasons for a story to get this kind of attention. Unless you know, we might never know what was the reason why yours got that attention. In my humble opinion, I love stories where the Mane 6 find human stuff and try to make heads or tails from it.


"sorry for apologizing"

I appreciate the sentiment, but don't worry. I was once punched in the face and I had the same reaction that I might for doing homework. It takes a lot to bother me.

You don't want to be a smart cookie, trust me. They taste terrible.

I have no idea why mine is so popular. Kinda why I made this blog.

Less Mane 6 and more the Princesses and Starlight, but I get your point. I too enjoy when ponies find remnants or artifacts of humanity and impose their own vision upon it.

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