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Random Ramblings CCCLXXVI · 1:00pm July 16th

The only thing able to bring meaning into my life lately is music from Asia (mostly Japan), so enjoy…

A small bit of news below the fold, if you'll follow…

Over the night, I managed to "lock in" the fifth chapter of Anon-A-Fix, so I'm halfway there -- maybe more than halfway there by word count, although I plan to add more to one of the later chapters if possible to give the setting more of a spotlight.

I tried to find a way to give the Dazzlings or Sci-Twi a pre-RR cameo but there simply isn't narrative space for it. It's clunky enough just switching over to the Crusaders to see their reaction to how their "prank" is affecting Sunset. That said, I'm going to do everything in my power to include Orangeglow campaign posters since, y'know, he's still alive at this point in the timeline.

Any of y'all ever watch Underdog -- the original cartoon from the late-50s or early-60s? One of the villains in that show was a guy named Simon Bar Sinister. In one serial, he decided to pull a Hitler and get into power legit. He hung posters all over the city reading "SIMON FOR DICTATOR". He didn't get a positive response while canvassing, maybe because his skin was green? I see Orangeglow as an even more odious and incompetent Simon.

Last night (the 15th), I attended a drum corps show with my mother. She had fun.

Normally I go with my dad, but he's been in very poor health lately and told me he wouldn't be able to handle the walk, so he suggested I take mama instead. While his cancer has not recurred (halfway through the five-year window!), he's anemic and constantly wiped out -- not uncommon. He's blacked out and injured himself at least twice. He finally went to see a GP and got prescribed some iron supplements, so hopefully that'll help. He also finally got a handicapped tag for his car after his secretary and I badgered him about it for a year, so he won't have to walk as far.

Fortunately, he still has his faithful Golden Retriever to keep him company when no one else can be there.

I have my yearly physical Wednesday morning. I know I've put on weight, but I've also been working out more in the last year, not as much as I should, but something's better than nothing. Hopefully that idiot nurse will get my height right this time -- I'm much taller than 5'6". My mother is 5'6" and I'm noticeably taller than her. I'm still shorter than the average, but not by much.

When my grandpa was majority leader of the state senate a little over half a century ago, they nicknamed him "The Little Fox" because he was short and he showed future governors and US Senators how to politics. One of those former Senators confirmed the stories my late aunt had told me, along with saying that he hoped I would run for office so he could vote for another member of my family. But I'm more of a policy guy. I've thought about going for a position on the city planning commission because boring shit like that interests me (my mother was on the zoning board in my hometown for years).

I want to get my first non-MLP story completed within a month so I'll have something to show to my editor friend. Our birthdays are within a week of each other, so we often meet up sometime in early September.

Even though I had a fun night watching DCI, it also stirs up a lot of memories, and with memories come regrets. I know you're not supposed to dwell on stuff, but dwelling is what I do. It's why I wish I could just remove myself from this pathetic world.

Being stuck living with my mother and no future girlfriend anywhere on the horizon just brings it all into sharp relief. If I outlive my parents, I'm almost certainly going to die alone. I hate babies, always have. One thing my ex and I agreed on. Although considering how her personality tends to shift to accommodate whoever's with her, she may be poppin' out kids now if her Perfect husband wants her to (not like they can afford it, but that's not my problem).

Even though I literally have a greater chance of being struck by lightning, I've thought about what I would do if I won the lottery. The answer is: give most of it away. I have no ambition, so money doesn't mean the world to me.

Anyway, I'ma go now. I've been awake all night.

Peace out.

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Comments ( 3 )

Despite your downer of a post title, I'm glad you got shit done. <3

Sorry about your Dad, though it's good he got some supplements. I hope you enjoyed the drum corps show anyway.

As long as you make a bunch of friends you can be surrounded by when you die you won't have died alone. That's probably how I'm gonna avoid dying alone.

Good luck on your non-MLP story!

Yeah the problem is all my friends live in other parts of the USA or even across the world (my "big sister" moved to Germany after marrying her husband - nice guy I like him). I don't have many local friends anymore.

That's what I get for hanging out with the "gifted" crowd my whole life. Everyone goes on to bigger & better things. As for me, I like living in my little college town in the hills (on a hill, which kinda sucks during snow/ice storms) and have no desire to leave even though most of the rest of my state is Trumpist nutcases.

My dad, who you'll recall literally named his cancer "Trump", still lives in my ultraconservative ultra-religious hometown about 35min away, and he's built up a network of friends over the past 50+ years who genuinely care about his well-being, so I'm not the only one looking out for him.

You actually never mentioned your Dad called his cancer that, that's funny. If the cancer kills him you can send a letter to Trump accusing him of killing your father. I'm glad it's not just you. You ever thought about trying to make friends with some of them, asking your Dad if any of them are anti-Trump?

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