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    Fun Fact About Scarlet's Most Recent Chapter

    So, the most recent chapter of Scarlet, 'brutality,' featured a very angry main character for spoilery reason.

    SPOILERS: Specifically, she believed that Primrose had been murdered in cold blood right in front of her. Primrose has become something of a surrogate daughter figure to her, and so she flew into a wild rage when she focused on the one who stabbed her girl.

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    URGENT: Another Author is at risk of Suicide - HELP IF YOU CAN

    I will be brief: Another author on this site going by the name of 'Holy' has recently posted a blog post which is their suicide note. They imply they will be dead by the end of the day. There is currently an active effort being made to prevent this, and so I encourage you all if

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    Beebee and the Crusaders

    I said I would get the picture, I have the picture. Once again drawn by the wonderful Aurellia of Raspberry Studios, I bring to you the final piece of content for Bug in The Basement: The photo of Beebee and the CMC that Eventide took.

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  • 12 weeks
    Signal boosting a friend of mine.

    Hey, guys.

    So, as many of you may know, I am good friends with the author of the Change series, Tom117z. He and I have collaborated on many projects in the past, and I am proud to count him in my circle of friends.

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NEW STORY: Scarlet · 7:28pm July 9th


The prologue of that story I've been teasing for the last several weeks is now up! Go check it out, silly creatures!

Forced to leave her peaceful hometown and flee for her life alongside a mysterious orphan filly named Primrose, New Equestrian war-veteran and librarian Scarlet Frost will have to use every resource at her disposal just to stay alive.
Skijarama · 71k words  ·  37  1 · 437 views
Report Skijarama · 40 views ·
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