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Next Memories Chapter Almost Ready, New Story Starting Tomorrow! · 1:05am July 9th

Hey, guys!

So, the next chapter of Little Memories is written up and just awaiting my editor to make his pass to finish it off. It's a long one by my standards, clocking in at over 5,000 words. It's called the Maze. I will let you ponder what that means. Once this chapter goes up, then there will only be one more chapter in the Nightmare Night Reprise arc before we move on to the next one, which will see the start of a subplot that I intend to explore for a good long time, in Memories and beyond. ;)

On an unrelated note, as I am sure many of you have noticed, I have been posting a series of vague and ambiguous blog posts on Tuesdays for the last few weeks. These are, in fact, teasers for a new story I am starting that is to fill in the same slot that Bug in The Basement used to fill. This new story will be going up tomorrow (Tuesday, the 9th of July.) It's a little different to what I have done before, but I hope you can all enjoy it for what it is.

Here is the name of the story, so you all know what to keep an eye out for:

Hype? Hype.

Alright, well, I got nothing else for this blog post. See you all when I see you!

-Skijarama / Tone Shift

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