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Grogar and Friendship · 4:26am May 10th, 2019

Hello, Ponies of Ponyland! It's been awhile!

Okay, I have been recently getting comments from different ponies from Equestria, complaining about how inaccurate the histories of Ponyland and Equestria in my library seem to be. They refer to things like 'how my books get Tirek's backstory wrong', or 'how Idon't reference Twilight Sparkle's visit to earth'. Most recently, these ponies have been complaining about how Grogar's story is entirely inaccurate in the Ponyland histories, how all these minor details are wrong, and my books should be corrected.

* sigh* Equestrians, the 'history' you are talking about is from a series of popular history fiction novels, 'Friendship is Magic'. The author of that series took a lot of liberties with the history in her books; Making Grogar more ancient that he really was, sticking ponies from the present day into Equestria's past (Gusty, Firefly, etc.), and changing events to be more dramatic. The important thing to remember is that Friendship is magic is just entertainment, not actual history. The historical texts in my library are written by Dream Castle's eminent historian, Tornado Firehooves, who draws from the few historical sources from that time period that remain. So that is why the two narratives are so different, and neither one is in need of correction.

Anyway, I hope that clears things up, thank you all for your time.

the Pegasus queen of the library,

Paradise Oasis

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I did notice that the Grogar of FiM did not line up with the Grogar that I grew up on. While I knew that they would never bring up the events that led to Grogar's defeat at Tambelon, particularly bringing up Megan Williams, I do wish things would have lined up more with G1....and I was really hoping they would have Bray as his assistant too. While I do like the G4 Grogar, I do think they could have at least tied more of the Grogar that we grew up on into things.....and rather than that unnamed, undisclosed location he resides in, they could have at least brought back Tambelon!

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