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    So I showed my friends this page

    My friends and I have this mini-game we play to out-cringe each other. You know, stuff we did that we regret, adolescent experience, and more. Naturally, once a huge brony and fanfiction writer, I have ammunition to ramp up the cringe counter. They can't possible out-cringe that. I expected ridicule, if I'm being honest.

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    Hypocrite makes somewhat controversial blog post

    The internet is full of hypocrites and I am one of them. I made this whole blog post about moving off the site and I realized that was stupid and overdramatic. Oh well, live and learn.

    Anyway, onto the point of the blog. I watched a compilation of all of the songs in the G5 movie. And...

    Yeah, I'm not a fan.

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    *cries in Applejack*

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    Finally watched Zootopia.

    It was pretty damn good.

    Thank you for stopping by.

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    Consider this account inactive from now on

    I hate to disappoint, but it's the truth. Sorry if you followed hoping for a sequel, but that's never going to happen.

    A few reasons I'm here (online or whatever you want to call it):

    1. I'm the head of a group, and I'm too lazy to get the ball rolling on a replacement. (Ownership is being transferred.)

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Uprooted: Short thoughts · 4:16pm Apr 13th, 2019

[Spoilers at bottom]

I liked it. It was a nice, heartwarming episode. The Young Six are really growing on me.

A lot of people are going to bitch about it mainly featuring them, but I like the new dynamic of these characters. This show has always had diversity since the beginning, and it has shown that regardless of the species you are, everyone is still welcome. Yes, most times it's always been rough the first try around (changelings, dragons, griffons in particularly negative aspects), but they've found a way to work together. I may be the only one that finds the Young Six tolerable, but they are a fantastic group of friends that deserve the showtime that they get.

And to anyone who doesn't like the Young Six:
I wholeheartedly disagree with you, but I respect your decision and I hope that you'll keep an open mind and see how great this group of friends is.

The song was pretty dope and Yona is the best friend. She's easily the best out of all of them, not biased or anything lol. She singlehandedly solved the problem on her own. How's that for a good friend? YAKS BEST AT EVERYTHING!

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You would not believe what happened when I watched the BN stream for of this episode: During when the episode was playing, the EAS system for BN King went off during the episode, which caused some to miss huge chunks of dialogue.

I will tell you though..... that has to be the most rarest thing that has ever happened for any MLP stream!

You were there? Me too! I was laughing my ass off when then entire chat filled with F's on the second warning! That was hilarious!

That's what I get for not having cable lol

yep. that has to be the most rarest thing ever for a MLP Stream!

Absolutely. Glad to have been part of history. :rainbowlaugh:

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