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    New Story Idea


    How much could I do with this you think?

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    Happy 21st for me! And Beer sucks.

    So I'm 21 now! Beer tastes like crap, hard cider is cool, and this melon drink my mom made is fucking awesome. Consindering I've never had stuff to drink before I'm fairly certain this maybe might count as my first drunk blog post. I honestly can't tell.

    Stay thirsty my friends!

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    So I had an Idea.

    Okay, so Twilight is a Princess Right? Well, what if, a few hundred years later, her and Celestia alternate who run Day Court so one pony doesn't have to do all the work. Twilight however, isn't as wise as Celestia and can't stand the Nobles. She asks Celestia to knock those arrogant pricks down a level so they stop pestering them with completely retarded requests. Celestia declines saying how

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    Two Stories that MUST be read.

    Lines and Webs and Dusk's Dangerous Game by Airstream. These two stories are by far the most enrapturing stories I've ever read. And I've read quite a few hundred stories. I am thanking every star in the Sky I

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    Hasbro's Gone and Done it now... They've just declared war on Bronies.

    They really want to see the world burn don't they?

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When Worlds Collide I'll be right behind you... (Called it) · 5:52am Nov 7th, 2012

Good. I have your attention.

Remember that blog post about three hours ago about me getting ready to shit bricks about a fuck ton of updates at once?

Well I called it.

Sorta. Hasn't happened yet. But according to this Background Pony will be adding four chapters by the 10th. Anyone whose read/reading this story knows those are really long ass chapters. Anyone who isn't reading/has read that story is sad and I have no dessire to speak with you further Just Kidding

On top of quite a few other stories I found out had sequels and I'm all like "HERMAHGERD ER GERRTAH RERD" So yeah. I'm screwed. On the bright side, I fucking called it Q_Q

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I still have 18 stories on my read later list. I desperately need more reading time :raritydespair:

482388 I have 107 stories in my read later list. So there. Of course, I spend MOST of my free time playing world of tanks... But that's my own fault.

483062 Pretty much, yeah. Insane. Been that way for a while now I think.

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