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    Hasbro's Gone and Done it now... They've just declared war on Bronies.

    They really want to see the world burn don't they?

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Hasbro's Gone and Done it now... They've just declared war on Bronies. · 9:52pm Dec 12th, 2012

They really want to see the world burn don't they?

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I don't know what to say to this.
I figured twi was going to become an alicorn by the end of season 3.

...honestly, i'm mostly upset about derpy. :fluttershysad:
...who made this comment, anyways? :unsuresweetie:

always bucking stuff up:twilightangry2:

Comment posted by Kabuto901 deleted Dec 12th, 2012

The twilight news it not that bad but remove derpy THIS.MEANS.WAR.

I didn't like the Twilight news to start with, but when it comes to Derpy; IT. IS. ON. Prepare to face what you have created Hasbro. May your prayers for forgiveness be answered before you are completely finished. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_RageFace.png

603508 No clue.

603829 Twilight is teh worst IMO. Think about it... How many stories out there have cool and creative ways to Alicorn Twilight? If it goes cannon there will be no new stories about it, no new creative ways to see how people think it could happen. Not to mention new stories will have to have Twilicorn even if they don't like, or remove Twilight from the story via no appearances. Granted Ditzy's disappearance will be sad, but she's not going to be changed in the FanFiction world. Twilicorn going cannon? That, that changes everything...

604150 Please look at my Above comment. Forgot to reply to you as well.

They had better not have Twilight as an alicorn for more than the season finale, or else there will be extreme measures taken... PINKIE PIE STYLE!

I don't know about anyone else, but everything about this screams "fake" to me.

Especially since I don't see anything on EQD about it. Are you sure this is a legitimate source?

604935 Nope. Friend sent it to me. Course, a different friend just sent me this a little while ago.


It sounds really suspicious. Like I said, EQD should be all over something like this.

Fake insider reports from people claiming they work on the subject in question are very common, especially if they know that it'll probably raise a lot of hairs if everyone believes it. I take stuff like this with a pinch of salt until a more reliable source than Reddit says it's legitimate.

I mean, let's look at the facts. If Twilight became an alicorn princess, where would Season 4 go? And if Hasbro is so intent to get rid of Derpy, why are they still promoting her? If this is true, then we definitely shouldn't be seeing Hot Topic and Comic-Con offering exclusive Derpy toys, and they would've ordered her excluded from the comic series too.

605156 True enough, but untill I saw the pic I linked ya, I didn't know it came from Reddit.

how sad is it that the second i saw the title i was planning to actually go online and gather all the bronies to declare war right back?

605322 Not sad at all. I pulled out my cleaning kit and starting working the mechanisms on Thumper. We waz gunna take oever the Hasbro building.

605620 we celebrate Christmas early at my house and i got a sword. a freaking sword. I would go in and down swinging.

I saw tgis and went da fuq... I read it twice the read the comments, if this shit comes true... *starts cleaning Ol' Lulu* The mob shall be armed amd ready to move...

It's fake, Meghan McCarthy stated it was just a rumor people did to "...get people all fired up"


Plus it has troll written all over it, a pretty good one too, if I do say so myself. Thing is, if someone were afraid of loosing their job over something like this, they wouldn't say they worked on the show and definitely would not post this on Reddit.

My dear friends, bronies, furries, and etc.:
As we all now know, Hasbro has decided to make Twilight into an alicorn. No doubt this has disturbed up to what i would estimate to be 99% of the fandom. If not for a second, bronies, please listen to what i say.
I am a regular brony,just like all of you. I too am disturbed by this uncanny change to one of the main characters. We know in our hearts, in our minds, that this is wrong. Hasbro is the enemy now, look at them, sitting there raking in the cash from us foolishhly spending our money on their products. Many of you may fall, Many a YouTube Channel has been shut down due to copyright issues. and hasbro has decided to copyright the word “Brony”. Do they own us? Do they own you? Do they own me?
No, they don’t do not disregard what i say as folly my fellow bronies. Hasbro has waged war on the bronies. Hasbro has waged war on you. Will we just sit here and let them oppress us? Well, some of you may, I am fine with that. But those who love this fandom; those who want to see a good show will come with me. though I may be met with criticism at first, I will take it. Join me in our last stand. we will defeat hasbro. I will not simply sit and watch as a greedy company sits and ruins a beautiful show that is loved by many, even if i have to go it alone. You have seen what tyrannic acts Hasbro has done, such as removing our dear sweet Derpy Hooves from everywhere but the intro. If you stand and let the fandom die, i do not care, but think, will you regret losing something dear to you? The time is now. The place is here. We must stand. this may be the last we hear of the bronies. but won’t victory just taste so sweet?
Now I say to Hasbro and Company, and all who would dare to corrupt the natural beauty of My Little Pony do not underestimate us. We are more than you know. There is still time though, time to counter this act if we act quickly. If hasbro wants to destroy the people who “love and tolerate” them. they are sadly mistaken.
Bronies, hear me out on this one. the more voices that are heard the more powerful we are. Do not abandon your comrades…
I know most of you wont read this and continue in despair. Fear not. for the time is upon us that we must stand against the Company of Hasbro. of the defilers of our great show. Stand with me, stand with your brother, stand with your sister, stand with your fellow bronies.
Let us leave race, gender, and anything that divides us behind. We must work together as one solid unit.
Fight for yourselfs, forthe fandom and derpy. Fight hasbro in any way you can.
1 If they remove your youtube for copyright or take down a video. make a new account and post 10 more videos
2 Write letters to Hasbro complaints, begging, anything that will stop or delay them.
3 get the word out. Revolution is upon us.
We are bronies,
we will forgive,
but never forget,
united as one,
divided by zero,
Hasbro, if no one else, expect me.

As to my previous rant.... it may just be that Twilight gets body swapped saying as one of the finales does say that cutiemarks are scrambled. if not... then... i guess we fire the orbital friendship laser on Hasbro... and end it before we see the epic monument of fail that they are making.

I don't hate Hasbro, I love them for giving us MLP:heart:

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