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I used to write horses with swords. Or horses with guns. Pick your poison.

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Millennia: Starfall teaser · 11:21pm Mar 8th, 2019

Dear Ray,

Hey there.

It’s Star. If this letter reaches you okay, don’t assume the worst yet.

But things could always be better.

By now we are going on our third month of being over here in totally unfamiliar territory, with no clue of what lies at every turn.

Food and water has been scarce for the past couple of weeks. For a forward operating base housing over three-hundred troops that barely got along before all this started, it’s not looking good. We’ve lost three resupply planes before they even reach the coast, their fates unbeknownst.

The weather hasn’t been in our favor much, either. In the three months we’ve been here, there have been maybe five days of sunshine peeking through breaks in the clouds, and that’s it.

Our offensive front has hardly gained more than a few miles since the last major operation, and there’s still hundreds more to go before Volgrad. I just don’t see us getting there anytime soon.

I couldn’t tell you how much I’ve lost since the Eclipse. I don’t think you deserve to know. Not yet.

But hey, what more could I lose out here?

Not you. You’re safe at home, as I want you to be.

And if I don’t make it home in time for our appointment, I’m sorry.

I’ll be there to wipe your tears away so you can move on.

I love you always.

~Star Shooter

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