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Millennia: Starfall teaser · 11:21pm Mar 8th, 2019

Dear Ray,

Hey there.

It’s Star. If this letter reaches you okay, don’t assume the worst yet.

But things could always be better.

By now we are going on our third month of being over here in totally unfamiliar territory, with no clue of what lies at every turn.

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Update on Stars in the Making chapter 18 · 7:04pm Sep 24th, 2018

The next chapter of Stars in the Making is.... finished!!! :pinkiehappy: Yep, I know, took me a while, but I forced myself to sit down to it, despite still having this exhausting job (which I had already complained about on some of my previous blogs) throughout the last week and finished it on Saturday. Now only my proofreaders (one I believe had already finished) and editor need to go over it and it will be posted. So, you know, those of you who had been asking me when is the next chapter

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More EqG LuPat Fanart · 4:43am April 26th


Whoa... it has been a while · 11:37pm Sep 29th, 2015

Well then, I figure it's high time I get underway with what's up.

To summarize, I haven't visited this place in a long time. Why is that? Because I kind of lost interest in doing MLP fanfiction. I remember when I did that Mare Do Well story that it was just bad. Looking back on it now, I can't help but laugh... and feel ashamed. I admit it.

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A year has passed and my work is finally ready · 3:39am Jun 27th, 2017

Hello, everyone. It's been a year but I never thought I would come back.

So yeah, the new story I've worked on is finally here at last. Well, I have to wait till it gets approved first but if you want to know how big of a story it is, it's at a whopping 24,000 words. My biggest one to date and I hope it's one that people will like.

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