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Millennia: Starfall teaser · 11:21pm Mar 8th, 2019

Dear Ray,

Hey there.

It’s Star. If this letter reaches you okay, don’t assume the worst yet.

But things could always be better.

By now we are going on our third month of being over here in totally unfamiliar territory, with no clue of what lies at every turn.

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Update 9/14/15 · 12:31pm Sep 14th, 2015

Writers block.

Two awful words that pretty much sum up what is going on with me.

Between school and getting back into making ROBLOX machinimas and other stuff, I haven't had much time for writing. And when I have, I've only gotten a few extra words added.

But don't worry, I'll try and break my writers block so I can get chapter 17 of Millennia finished. It may take a little while considering I'd like to make 17 a long chapter as well as 18, but I will certainly try my best.

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Update 10/13/15 · 2:00pm Oct 13th, 2015

Good morning fellow writers!

Well, apart from me missing school yesterday because I was told it was a day off for Columbus Day, everything else is going great.

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New Years Eve · 6:04pm Dec 31st, 2015

Well, one year gone, another one here. I guess we can talk about the best and worst things that came out of us this past year and things to come in the future.

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My new plan (Update 3/27/17) · 11:41pm Mar 27th, 2017

Alright guys, so here's the deal.

Two weeks until my only end-of-year test for Economics/Government. I'm feeling rather confident about it, especially since it's the only one I have to take this year. I'll be gone for the majority of that day (April 10th) while I'm off testing, and I imagine the three days or so surrounding that I won't be very active on here for that reason alone.

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