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My new plan (Update 3/27/17) · 11:41pm Mar 27th, 2017

Alright guys, so here's the deal.

Two weeks until my only end-of-year test for Economics/Government. I'm feeling rather confident about it, especially since it's the only one I have to take this year. I'll be gone for the majority of that day (April 10th) while I'm off testing, and I imagine the three days or so surrounding that I won't be very active on here for that reason alone.

But, now that The Veins Run Deeper is complete (a week earlier than I expected, I must add), I can finally focus on A Sailor's Notes again as it is waaaaay behind schedule. I only ever planned it to be 15 chapters total, which we are currently at chapter 8 in terms of what I am writing next, and my goal is to make it the next story I finish. Without as much procrastination as I have been doing over the past eleven months since I released it, I'm hoping to finish it by at least May or June, depending on how busy I'll be when finals come around, as well as stuff that will come up after I am finished with the school year (and a one-week vacation I am going on in May).

And, with one major story out of the way, it's time to focus on the other. I'll also be working on Eye of the Storm more frequently, too. It's on a temporary hiatus, so to speak, with the last chapter having been written a month ago Saturday. Also, I am not planning to do 'Millennia Bombs' like I did with the first story. This next chapter will be a bit lengthy, as with the two following it, as it will include a miniature climax within the story.

I wouldn't necessarily say that Eye of the Storm is behind schedule, considering (including the prologue), it is 10 chapters in out of a total of 42-planned chapters, and the 1-year anniversary of its release isn't until September 17th. Although, for the first 10 chapters of Beginning, I got them out a lot quicker, so I dunno. But I also plan for this story to be slightly longer in word count, so that makes a difference, too.

Either way it goes, I don't plan to publish any new stories for a while (not until later this year), and those two will continue to be my primary focus over these next couple of months. By then, I'm hoping A Sailor's Notes will be done entirely, and I'll be left with Eye of the Storm to work on.

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So what exactly is A Sailor's Notes about?

4474259 It's a spinoff of Millennia, centering around a younger Anchorage (one of Millennia's main characters).

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